1. Achievement

Is there any other better feeling then the feeling of achievement? dancing for 5 hours straight, with nothing but water to energize you. And at the end of those 5 hours you lay on your bed and feel the soreness in ur feet moving to ur stomach and to your back. It hurts a little but it makes you feel accomplished inside, like you’ve spent your time wisely, unwasted. Sure, you can’t get up off your bed, sure your going to have bad cramps in the morning, sure you’re going to get some muscles pulls here and there, but all of it comes together when you know you’ve done well and have learned some new tricks to show-off at get togethers and parties. Knowing you've improved the moves you already knew and you lost weight to improve those abs you’ve always wanted NAH MEAN?! LOL! Well all I have to say is follow the motto: more pain… more gain! and you'll surely achieve achievement.


2. Harmony

Is there any other better feeling then the feeling of harmony? the sound of rain before going to bed. Change into ur favorite PJ's, open the window all the way out, so you can hear the heavy rain fall pour onto the once dry ground. Then closing your eyes, putting ur face torwards the open window as much as u can so you can smell the sweet smell of wet dirt and grass, and when u unlock your eyes you see only the things the street lights allow you to see. You snap out of your wandering self and walk to the light switch and off the lights, then jump into your comfy unmade bed and snuggle into that loving, warm, comfurter, like it was giving you a big hug. And, before going away into your sleep, you gaze at the ceiling and see the streaks of light from the street lights outside that had cracked between your curtains reflect off your ceiling. So you close your eyes and hear nothing but the tapping of the rain against your windows like a bunch of never ending drums, a bunch of never ending soft drums. Getting rid of every wrong thing in your life, making everything balanced, like there was nothing wrong in your life at all. Taking you away into your dreams, slipping into a better place. Like everything was in Harmony. A Harmonious Harmony.


3. Patience

Don't you just love it when you come home from school, do whatever it is you do once you get home from school and finally decide to go on the computer. The computer, oh, the lovely computer, so many things can be done with this amazing technological piece. You can do so many wonderful things with it, you can listen to music, you can write an assignment, you can talk to your friends (whats the use in phones anymore?!), you can research your favorite animal you can even edit that huge pimple you have on your face off with a simple click of a button. With all the cool things you can do on the computer, all the gaming, the exploring and the saving of documents, it can cause your computer to get slow. So when you finally decide to do your history assignment which was due a week ago on your computer, it takes like 5 minutes for it to start up. Then you punch in your login password and it takes another 3 minutes to load. Then you finally open up a word document and you do your work and when your done you save your document onto your computer and it takes 5 minutes to save, possibly freezing your computer inbetween. The flaws of something so perfect. It can really be a pain sometimes but it sure does come in handy after a bit of patience and an all nighter !

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