You know when you're running late for work or a party or whatever you're attending to and everything just seems to fall out of place. Your shoes, keys, jackets, and your bags…EVERYTHING struggles to go against your will. You stumble over everything you possibly can and you crash into every corner of the house. You sigh in distress and finally have the chance to take a break as you drop all of your belongings in front of the elevator. You press the button vigorously as you anticipate for the long wait ahead. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, amazingly… right after you press the button, the elevator door slides open!
In an instant, you see the glistening light shine from within the heavenly structure. (Over dramatic, I know)
'YES!' you cry out loud—totally being considerate of not disturbing your neighbours who are 5 feet away.
Anyways…back to the elevator…YOU ENTER, you descend knowing that you've just saved a few precious seconds of your precious time.
…That’s exactly what happened to me this morning and it felt AWSOME!

You know when you see something you really really really like? So much so that a daisy blooms in your heart and rays of light shoot out from within your eyes… then… in an instant…all of it disappears. What do you realize immediately? The PRICE TAG! Well, that's exactly what happened to me when I was trying to buy a video camera. My mind was stubbornly set on one single model, the SONY HD video camera. $699.99… meaning that it was $100 over my budget. Great~ Sometimes, life has its ways of making one miserable. Disappointed, I forced myself to search for another model.
Panasonic HD- $999.99
Cannon HD- $749.99
FLJ standard- $299.99 *no name brand plus no HD = no!”
…and the list goes on.
I was about to end my journey when suddenly… I saw my Sony model lying inside a glass showcase along with a few other camera models. AND GUESS WHAT IT SAID??! Open Box: $589.99! I bombarded the employees with questions, making sure that the video camera was in a good shape. They told me that they already had professional technicians check over it and if I were able to find any problems within 30 days, I would be able to return it at no risk. Without a second thought, I paid for the model and recorded random little things here and there on my way home.

Some things are more amazing than others and this is one of them. It happened one week ago while I was completely stressed about my two ISUs, two minor projects, and two summatives. NO BREAKS, NO FUN, 20 minutes of dinner, and only three to five hours of sleep. With my back aching and my eyes twitching (*note to self: avoid staring at computer screens for 9 hours + a day, 7 days a week), I grumbled and fidgeted constantly. Needing an excuse for a 5 minute rest, I found myself in front of my refrigerator—searching for tangerines. Since munching on them alone wasn’t enough to release my frustration, I took the sharpest fruit knife in the kitchen and began slicing them blindly… fun -_-“.
What started off as an awfully gloomy day or rather, week, transformed into an extraordinary one in an instant!
Hoping to get some fresh air, I made my way out to the balcony. What I saw next paralyzed my body. I saw rainbows before, but none like the ones I saw that day. NONE were even close. First of all, the full arch of the rainbow was clearly visible. Every color was distinct and vibrant. Second of all, there were TWO!! Adlsfkjsld(*#$)(*#+#@)$!! Two!! One on top of the other, they dominated the storm-cleared sky. I admired in amazement for I-don’t-know-how-long until they finally vanished. Break was over and it was homework time again.
Aside from the projects… AWSOME!

For those who love to eat, time and place are never an issue. For me, it was in the midst of December at close to -30 degrees Celsius.
I was shopping ALONE in Fairview. Why? I got into a pointless argument with my mom. The excitement that originally enveloped my shopping trip had disappeared. Time was progressing ever so slowly as stores rushed pass the corner of my eyes. When my pace eventually slowed to a stop, I realized that I was in the middle of the walkway, surrounded by ‘soon-coming’ stores. Unknowing of what to do next (obviously I wasn’t in the mood of trying on clothes anymore) I rested myself on a bench near the indoor fountain. I observed lifelessly as crowds of shoppers entered my vision range and departed within seconds.
Random thoughts ran through my mind, mostly negative: “He’s tall… no… actually he just looks tall… “ “she needs less skimpy tank tops…so exposed…” “… no one needs to see your boxers guy!” “Get a hair cu—ICECREAM!!”
As if I my “battery charge” was complete, I hopped to my feet and half-ran my way towards Yogen Fruz. Mmmm… chocolate mint ice-cream! In order to avoid contact with my mom, I decided to walk home (I live near the school= one and a-half hours of walking). With shivering legs and a numb face, I embraced the icy wind and marched my home with ice cream in one hand, and a spoon in the other.

I was searching for a gift for my dad, specifically for a 44th birthday card. I had a slim hope of finding anything even close, but since my procrastination period was still 2 weeks away (this was in early May before projects bombarded me by June). Technically speaking, I had very little time left for my final ISUs, but that didn’t matter. I avoided, by all means, going home and starting on my projects
And so, my search for this birthday card began. I closely examined nearly 2 rows of cards and still nothing. There was only one birthday section left. I skimmed through it, praying that a random 44th birthday card would pop up out of nowhere. Just then, I spotted a 44th birthday label behind a card. However, to my disappointment, I spotted a ‘45’written on the front of the card, I sighed and thought, “who was the idiot that misplaced this card?!! Omg… 45! Just ONE OFF!”
Extremely disappointed, I almost ripped the card out of the counter and flipped it open. You won’t believe what I saw. The inside of the card stated: 45-1= 44 <You’re not that old yet>. If it weren’t for the old lady behind me, I would have screamed ‘YES!’ and jumped with joy. In order to preserve my lady-like behaviour, I forced myself to pretend as is nothing had happened. I held back a smile and reached for the envelope.
It turned out that this card was also the last one left…AWSOME!

You know how some people sing during their shower? Well, I am one of them. I love to ‘sing’ (with quotation because my mom refers to it as howling) .But I only ‘sing’ aloud under two circumstances: Number one, I need to have zero audience. And number two, I need to be in the bathroom. The enclosed space and the echoing effects bathroom have are so ideal for singing. I always wondered why people would need professional studios when bathrooms were perfectly and naturally designed for singing.
To me, singing during the shower is definitely the ultimate way of relieving my stress. I literally forget about everything as the steaming water run down my skin. It’s as if I have entered another state since I would always unintentionally close my eyes during the middle of my song.
I don’t have a very good vocal but I love to sing! AWSOME!

You know those times when you’re part of a group trip that consist of quiet people and conversations always fall silent? Yah… those awkward times. Not to worry, here is the perfect resolution.
It started off with me and my distant friends going on a movie trip. So much time has passed already that we barely knew each other anymore. At the beginning, we had plentiful of school memories to discuss about and comment upon, but as the clock ticked an hour away, we ran out of topics. I desperately searched for something fun to do. I attempted to start new conversations by prompting them to discuss about something irrelevant to our past, but I failed miserably. Let me show you just how much of a discussion I had generated:
“Hey, do you like to watch Narnia? I thought that it was a pretty nice movie.” I said to my friends, hoping that one of them would respond to my question. And someone did, “Narnia? Oh, it’s ok. I sort of like it.” And that was it. Sad—I know.
SOoo… I continued to search for a way to make this trip even the slightest bit more interesting. All my problems came to an end as I proposed the idea of playing hide and seek in Sears. All of them were pumped up and we ran off like headless chickens when the seeker began her countdown.
For those who never played hide and seek in such a large scale before, try it. You won’t regret the thrill.

A lot of my interesting events seem to occur either on my way to Fairview or inside of Fairview. This time, my friends and I had the urge to go shopping there (Man~ we seriously shop too much) since we just finished all of our exams. We were planning on running home to get our bus tickets and money and drop off our bags when one of friend’s mom showed up and offered us a ride. We were so delighted and as we continued thanking her, we realized a crucial problem.
There were six of us in total and only 5 spaces available. AND I WAS THE ONE OUTSIDE OF THE CAR. I was trying to be generous and let everyone else in first before me and yay… great… this is what I get~
“Squeeze right in.” One of them offered. And so I did.
We giggled and complained about the lack of space as our car trip began. Shortly after, we heard sirens… “DUCK PEOPLE, YO ALICE, DUCK!” I have no clue why I had listened to her command but I did what she told me to and it made me look darn foolish. Even though I had a jacket on top of me and my back aching and I had a lack of oxygen, I stayed silent—trying as hard as I could to listen in on the sirens of the police car. Gradually, the noise faded away and the police car drove away. Before I could feel relieved, an explosion of laughter filled the car. They began making fun of my panicking expression and my awkward posture as I tried to duck. Sigh~ what a bunch of meanii-heads. =(
Still… the experience itself was AWSOME!

This happened sometime in March after our first semester exams were over and we had pretty much little to nothing to do. So what do you do when you are extremely bored? You go out of course. I began calling up my friends only to find out that every single one of them were either out already or had family gatherings to attend to. Everyone was one step ahead of me. But that was ok because I still had my mom. She was just as bored as me as she surfed endlessly on the web, reading news here and there.
“Mom, let’s go out cuz it feels like we’ve been locked inside our house for ages.”
“where? Fairview?”
“No! Not again, that’s like our second home already.”
“Then where?”
Good question and an even better response, “… U.S?”
WHAT? Where did that come from? I had no clue what I was thinking but I sure knew that I wanted to go somewhere far away. I was in the mood for a little ‘escape’. Amazingly, she agreed to it and we got dressed immediately and departed from our house at 12. I couldn’t explain why I was so exited but it just felt nice to go on unplanned trips.

Our unit one civics test was swiftly approaching and I needed a partner to study with me. The first person that came to mind was fang and so I dialled her number. She said she knew that I was going to call her to study for the test.
We both sighed and began to complain about projects that we knew we would only start at the last minute. We argued why we would have to go to school when the most ingenious scientist in the world—Einstein and the creator of Microsoft both dropped out of school and still became successful. Then our topic shifted to our parents and how they always forced us to do chores and complained about our messiness. The topic of our discussion jumped from school to clothes to daredevils to guys. Only when I realized that my throat was running dry did I look up to check the clock…Oh shoot…
THREE and a-half HOURS WASTED! What’s even more amazing is that the process of us trying to shut each other up took about another half an hour. It was not until when my dinner time had arrived did we finally end our silly girl-talk. For those who are interested, our studying session began at 10:00pm.
AWSOME time management skills no?

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