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Pouyan blog number 9: squirrels.
I love squirrels a lot too, but for some reason, only the ones in Ottawa seem to be responsive to what I do. Before I moved to Toronto in grade six, I was in Ottawa and I loved to feed squirrels. I would always bring a bag of crushed cookies with me and feed it to them on my way home. Whenever I see them, I would attempt to lure them towards me. There was one time when a squirrel actually touched my hand when it was munching of my cookies. I find it very weird that squirrels in Toronto always seem to avoid people, they would dash away as soon as I try approach them. It really irritates me and I don’t know if it’s because the people here scare them or if they’re just some different type of species. Anyways, I think people should ship loads of squirrels from Ottawa to Toronto. =D !! Then I would be able to feed them again yay!

Wendy blog number 10: Photo albums.
Photos are, in my opinion, the best way to capture memories. I recently asked my mom to find me my childhood photo album for a genealogy project. Looking back at my silly self from ten years ago was unlike anything else. Since my memories of back then were very faint, seeing these photos made me feel like I have discovered another perspective of myself. I used to crawl into playground tubes and ride on little trains and I danced ballet with my friends. There was even a picture of me crying in front of the piano because I wanted to quit so much… and I eventually did and now I regret it. Anyways, all of these little things shape me to who I am today. It was really enjoyable to able to look back into my own past.

Charlie blog number 5: Meeting an old classmate
In my case, it was a little more extreme than the usual. Last year during the summer, I had a chance to meet with my childhood friend, Joyce, from 12 years ago. That’s right, we were only three back then and yet we both remember each other so clearly. She was taking her first trip to China from America and I was going back for my summer vacation. Through both of our dads, we were able to get in touch. We began sending each other emails and we ultimately arranged a meet up. Even though we didn’t go to many interesting places during our reunion, the fact that we able to see each other again after 12 whole years was amazing in itself. *Note to everyone: always leave contact information to those who are important to you because you never know when you’ll be able to see them again. =]

Tracy blog number 5: Having siblings
I am a single child, but this is my dream: When I was young, I always wanted a little sister that would listen to my every command. She would do whatever I tell her to do (I sound so bossy) and always remain by my side when I need her. As I aged, I began to wish that I had an older brother. He would be someone who could protect me (I’m starting to find the society a dangerous place =0) and he would be 18 + so he can drive me around. As much as my friend, Fang, complains about having siblings, I still wish I had one. I guess it’s just something new to me. Maybe if I actually had one, I would find him/her annoying.

Ellen blog number 4: Buffet
The thought of buffets always makes me excited. Being able to eat anything and everything in the whole restaurant is so wow! The only problem is…I have a small appetite. I would go with my friends and when everyone is on their third plate, I would be already full with my second. No matter who I go with, they would always tell me that I eat too little and that eating buffet with me is such a waste of money. But hey, I can’t help it… there’s only so much space in my stomach. For me, buffet trips always start off fun and end off with me watching others finishing their dessert. =(

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