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COMMENT ON FERUTH's BLOG, "10. Living in the OcEaN!"

I totally agree!!! Isn't it awesome if we could live underwater as well? That'll be REALLY cool. And I agree it would be a really different experience living there since we're living on land! As you say, we couldn't go up of we wanted to! Gravity is just pulling us down to earth. And if we're living underwater we could also enjoy the scene down there that is rare for ME to see, since I don't visit oceans much XP Anyway, I totally agree with you, ONLY if we can change our genes! HAHA. just kidding!

P.S. I like your BLOGS!^^


I find roller coasters amazing too! They're just really fun when you ride them and get over it. I am not a fan of heights as well. I actually am dying even before the roller coaster starts! I'm so scared of heights that I'm just in line for the coaster, I just wanna cry and not ride anymore! But yeah, it is fun when it actually started and you're in the crazy loops, it just kills me when you're in the highest part of the coaster and you can't see the where the rails are! Just kills me!


Finding something I've lost for years is really an amazing thing for me. So I totally agree with you! I remember when I lost my picture album, since I forgot where I kept it, and then one day when I was cleaning my closet, it was there! Then I looked at the pictures in there, and just gave me a lot of memories from the past. It made me laughing like crazy with all the funny memories I've remembered since I've found that picture album. It's really great to find something you've lost long time ago to remind you of something from the past. AWESOME!

COMMENT ON WILLIAM's BLOG, "Waking up on a Saturday Feeling it is a School Day but Realizing its Not"

I REALLY agree with that! It happens to me a LOT! Every time I lost track of dates and get really bored with school and stuff, I always just think that there's going to be a school tomorrow, "DARN!" But it just really makes me HAPPY every time I figure out that it's SATURDAY! AWESOME! It's like a feeling that you've gotten yourself out of jail! Free from school works and projects.

COMMENT ON TRACY's BLOG, "Looking At Past Photos"

TOTALLY AWESOME! As I mentioned on Wendy's blog about finding something you've lost for years, and since I found a picture album, I can relate! That picture album I found were from years ago! All those picture taken of me, that were so embarrassing, I didn't want to see them anymore! But NOW, that I saw them again, I just can't stop myself from laughing on how I looked then. So I really know what you meant, when you said that, "I have had several embarassing photos of myself, but now that I think about it, the photos showed candid, epic moments!"


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