Skeptical Thinking

Seriously stressed…my back hurts. I'm going to complain. Come one come all to the compliation of my random thoughts.
Feel free to lose yourself in here…I know I did (12 something. I don't make sense. Excuse any spelling/grammar.) Other than that, enjoy.

Beloved, Angeldust.

#1. L- O - V – E

“Love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart: ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Where do we go?’ and ‘How come it’s so hard?’”
-Jack Johnson [Better Together]

“The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they’re still alive”
-Orlando A. Battista

Love is contagious…superficial, romantic, dreamlike, contradicting, hurtful…..but all the while,


Oh…stupid, stupid love.

Every girl fantasizes about their ‘dark knight’, ‘prince charming’, or the ‘ideal 007’ [But if you are a guy, well, you can just fantasize about the rest of the above in female form] . Lovers want their perfect match to be none other than..What’s the word…ohhh perfect, loyal, humorous, caring, HAWWWT and this this, that that.

However, it takes so much more to realize that love is not about finding the perfect person, but learning to see imperfect people perfectly. Those who do not comprehend this often find themselves devastated 20 years later, married to…DRUM ROLL, NONE OF THE ABOVE~ (oh besides that. They’ve got lots of that). So guess what, it’s about acceptance.
On the other hand, there are hearts that are afraid to love.


What many fear is not loving itself but losing love…AFTER BEING LOVED. Well I’ve news for you:


Cuz well, to have loved and won is the best thing in this world. To have loved and lost- second best.
The thing is, most people use this as an excuse for their hesitancy in love. But truth be told…..MOST PEOPLE in love, afraid of love, are LIARS. Because…once you’re truly in love…

You can’t help do anything…but love.

Above all, love is amazing, liberating..

‘To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others’

This screams that love does not only belong to lovers. Seldom expressed, especially in within working households, is how much family members love one another. Usually, this is not often realized until someone is rushed to the operating room in the ER. As you can see, not grasping the chance to love simply creates more hurt when one regrets not having loved before it was too late.

Without question, we must realize that may love within family be repeatedly taken for granted, abused, ignored, used to blow your nose in and wasted (with the help of a few beers),we should still…no.
ALWAYS heartfully say

‘I love you’

For love is the single most powerful truth in this world.


Ok I ran out of the poetic stuff…so here's something really dumb, stupid and…yeah.

OH JUST READ TO THE END U’LL LAUGH I PROMISE. [And I do have a point…kinda]

I this world, there are many dirty little secrets…(All American Rejects: dirty little secrets~) I got a really JUICY one to share today…if you get what I mean…*eyebrow eyebrow*

Okay, now listen closely. There’s…this one guy who well, if you go to our school, you’ll know him. I know I shouldn’t make any judgements…but judging from his appearance, he PROBBBABLY doesn’t wear any underwear. Everyone besides him notices that he’s got one of those uni-brows…but since we’re nice people..

whisper whisper: LET’S NOT SAY IT TO HIS FACE *wink*

Anyway…he probably needs to be tried in front of W channel’s style by jury and get some help coming out of Flintstone-prehistoric ages..Hmm

But ladies and gentlemen…before we get carried away(on dissing him), we got to hand it to this dude. THE GUY is one hell of an amazing guy. Even with his…(obvious) disadvantage in height (compared to his 4 well..rather unusual surrounding peers) and to that rather vulgar appearance. He still makes his statement by easily carrying a what…seven kilogram club like it weighed as much as a feather (??? Or something light). I suppose we can all imagine him proudly proclaiming with brimming confidence:


Something tells me…he’s the strong and silent type. *Eyebrow, giggle*


Despite his many undesirable characteristics, ahem. We should all try to be like him! (I DON’T MEAN WEAR NO UNDERWEAR CUS U KNOW, THAT’S JUST SO NAWWWT AMAZING.) Instead, take on his STAND UP FOR UR SELF attitude!

Seriously people! IN THIS SAD, BLASTED HEATH OF SHEEPLIKE CONFORMITY,…Shouldn’t we agree that his unrelenting individuality deserves a round of applause??

By now…I’m sure you have someone in mind…but I’M SURE that none of those people openly carries a club. So…just to lead you into the right direction~ PS. Don’t tell him I said anything.
Take your yearbook, don’t bother going through the pages. Just turn it right on over the VERRY BACK (aka rear end)….so.

Do you see him yet?


“God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music”
-Pink [God is a DJ]

One of my most…readily available (? ) topic for discussion is MUSIC. Music can free your mind. It awes you, inspires you, and ultimately, the music you listen to will come to define you.
If you are the same as me, you’ll come to find that your IPod earphones have long ago become another organ in your body. Of course, any unexpected displacement of the music player will drive you COMPLETELY FRANTIC. On the day before the FRIGGIN EXAM, you and your IPod remain an inseparable unit to achieve success of studying a subject to any degree.


Of course, that ladies and gentlemen is the whole point. Music is so contagious that it has come to influence our lives so much that what music we listen to will determine something as significant as our mood of the whole entire day.

What’s more, it seems that music has always been there for us- when we’re happy, when we’re sad, in our graduations, dances <-psht how would dancing be like without music. Dorky. Moreover, just imagine those dramatic scenes in movies without the god darn violins crying in the background. Movies would just be so…………………………………………………..normal. [And we don’t like normal]

The most extraordinary thing about music is that it knows no bounds (except for outer space where there’s a vacuum and u know that sound can’t travel through a vacuum ANYWAYS!). Music exist in countless styles and genres that it had long became untouchable by subjective views of citizens of Earth. Country, techno, dance, rock, pop…as long as you’re interested there will always be a style of music to fit your taste.

Main reason I like music: Well I dunno. Probably because I'm appreciative of the fact that music has finally made lingustic crudities [aka swearing] into tools of expression!~

Anyhow…I guess since this is a rant/blog I’m going to include my own playlist of 20 from the top of my head songs : ) [Thought of on the spot no particular favourite genre]

Angeldust’s playlist of particular doom.

Lollipop –Mika
Give you Hell- All American Rejects
Sweet Thing- Keith Urban
All We Are- One Republic
Better Together- Jack Johnson
Grey Room- Damien Rice
Out of Control- Hoobastank
Taste of Ink- The Used
Candyman- Christina A.
So What- Pink
Gone- Switchfoot
Hot N’ Cold- Katy Perry
Ain’t got to tell you- Neyo
Remember the Name- Fort Minor
I Like the Way You Move- Body Rockers
She’s Mine- Jason Mraz
These Walls- Teddy Geiger
Dead!- My Chemical Romance
The moment I said it- Imogen Heap
Sweet Dreams (are made of this) - Eurythmics

#4. TIME

“In reality, killing time is only the name for another of the multifarious ways by which Time kills us.”
-Osbert Sitwell

But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day.
-Benjamin Disraeli

Time is a funny thing. When you don’t need it, you seem to have so much. When you do, it seems that you’ve hardly ever have any.

Every day now it seems that time’s just flowing away from the grasp of our fingers, slipping behind into seconds past. However, what most of us cry about is not how little is left, but rather how little time there is.

On a daily basis, you wake up, go to school, get out at 3:30, go to your part time job/what not, get back at 9 something, sleep a bit, eat a bit, do this hmw, that hmw, this thing due tmr, that presentation to prepare for, and after that, you still have to study for that test. As the light of your laptop lights the crushed cup of pepsi/starbucks on your table, you stare at the screen, tired.

“GUH! Where the good darn f*** did my CSI time go…?”

Eventually, we end up choosing seven hrs of CSI above our summative…but they’re so tedious anyway.

So days go by as teachers begin the “Witch-Hunt” of your homework and the CSI episodes become wrinkled and dry. School work’s boring…and unlike the previous state of frantic-ness…now you’re just

To be completely honest, neither choice of situations is favourable over the other. However, as we go on with our lives…we all realize one thing…eventually, time is going to run out.

Verdict: do the things you want to do, count every second not by minutes, but by sensation and make each moment a vibrant painting of vivid satisfaction.

So if you think about it..

The fact that we still have this wonderful thing called time to change our lives… is exactly what makes it so amazing.


Teddy bears are CUTE!! Although I’ve…surprisingly never had one, I’ve got to say that the thought of owing a teddy bear is quite comforting.

Teddy bears are squishy (that in itself is amazing enough), always listening, agreeable, and the most understanding. Some say that teddy bears don’t hug back but sometimes they’re the only thing you got. However…if one pays attention and look carefully, you know that it (not hugging back) can’t be true. We have to give some credit to our teddy bears because secretly, they have always assumed the “ready position”- Arms stretched out, ready to hug you. Some may ask, what about those teddy bears whose arms are down/ why those bears are the most thoughtful and considerate of all… if you’ve paid attention of the etiquette of hugging, one person hugs over, and one side hugs under….or else you get side way high fives..Or a broken teddy arm. NOT COMFORTING.

These bears with the arms held down are leaving you with the chance to whisper your deepest secret to their ear.

I bet some people want to be your teddy bear. You know…always being hugged by you, your shoulder to cry on when you’re devastated…always in bed with you, under the covers with you, ‘do not disturb with you’…but NO. Only teddy bears get that privilege. [Hehe so jokes]
But seriously, don’t you think that teddy bears are such amazing things? They’re often friends, perhaps the only friends to many people…in their lifetimes…they often take many beatings of your rage and sadness…despite their injuries…they’re still in the end, willing to be there for you (as if they have a choice).

Simply put..Teddy bears will never reject you, walk away from, hurt…hit, or scream at you like your loved ones might do.

Instead they sit, always giving their attention to you, dedicating their whole life to you…though thick and thin…through tears and..snot(?) forever offering their hugs…

And best of all, they’ll never tell any of your secrets.




I’ve realized that between the beginning and ending there needs to be a BODY.

So here we go: Eyes are often thought of as the window to one’s soul. The portal to one’s heart and its truth to the outside world. If that were true…that’s why…what’s so incredibly AMAZING..

IS MASCARA! You thought I was gunna say eyes didn’t u huh huh?~~

U see my friends, this wonderful concoction of bat poop and other chemical mixtures uses extreme scientific intelligence: (CHEMICAL X! GO POWERPUFF GIRLS!!) To be able to extend the very curtains of mystery, those frames of the precious windows….it really is quite…the EYE OPENER.

But even the eye opener may sometimes run away from unforcasted showers therefore…just to be safe…go for waterproof : )

Still..seriously. Just think about it…why would we put fecal matter of a bald rat onto our eyelashes if it were not totaaaly amazing??

So…go feca- I mean mascara~

(what a short and weird amazing thing.)


Out of all the trends every season there is one that never fails to impress. No I’m not talking about the cap-ris(e). I’m talking about the open collar shirt flip up (mmmmm <3~~~). Be it a leisure evening out or a semi –formal party, a crisp shirt with the top button undone (or top too if you're daring I hope u realize I’m talking guys fashion right now.) with the collar flipped up, makes any bland man two levels sultrier. I mean the open collar flip up just screams…

”I’m bringing sexy back..what u gunna do about it?”

Not only is it fashionable, it’s also functional. Being choked off by a tight collar and a tie is obviously stupid and unconventional. Besides…it’s a good excuse for those of us who don’t actually know how to tie ties. (ME ME ME. When I tie it, it turns into a big flower bomb.)

Contrary from contrary belief, women can do this too~ Just prop up that blouse/ wind breaker collar and you’ll be instantly transformed into a whole new you! Aka the same old u with the collar flipped up.

But mostly, it works for women………BY MAKING MEN MORE APPEALING. [Hopefully that’s understandable] In a society where not everyone is born beautiful. If it wasn’t for the open collar flip up…let’s just say there’s going to be…..problems. (8-B)
Well, the more appealing the merrier~


Lined paper is amazing.

For those of you who write like this ~~~ it's a guiding light.

As a saviour of our scribbles, it always guarantees the shortest distance between two points.

Lined paper is amazing.

The End.

#9. Flush Toilets

There's one thing that everybody just got to do. You know…when you gotta go you gotta go. So..when this amazing something else enables us to do this with dignity, perhaps it's our throne or simple ceramic casting. But the fact that it can sing in this process is amazing enough.

Oh but it gets better.

With it's help, we can exsocise out all the negative energy, dark matter, and deadly turmoil out of our bodies. This allows us to watch our most inner troubles in I admit, amusement, as they swirl faster and faster, and suddenly get sucked into an black abyss.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Did you know? Toilets flush!
Did you know? Toilets flush (sing) in the tone of Eb!
Did you kniow? Toilets are ammmazing!

If your'e not convinced. Let's look back to the olden times when we had to deficate above holes on ground- which was not flushable. Think about all the deadly fumes!! How else do you think the black death started??

Virus?? <-That's what they WANT you to think…

Now a days, toilets not only flush but rince, wipe and blowdry your rear end! Talk about impressive service~
So the next time you find yourself stationed upon one of these…flushable toilets….think about it. It's not a bird, not a plane, no it's no longer a toilet- BUT A REVOLUTIONARY FIXTURE OF OUR (defication?) NEEDS!

[so in the lack of a better word..AMMMAZINGG~]


Today I smelled nostalgia.

The park near my back yard, perhaps because of today’s rain, smelled a little of pine, a little of cinnamon, a little of cedar. That is the smell of my grandmother’s night table drawer…that is also the smell of nostalgia.

I remember fumbling through it…hastily…on a quest for candy many years ago. I remember being enveloped, embraced by a strong…velvety royal sent which wrapped gently around me…taking its form as a soft fleece blanket, drapping around my shoulders..

Sweet…sweet nostalgia..

Just the scent of it takes me back…10 years of go…to the innocence of my childhood….the time of my happiness….a place thousands of miles away from here…

And simply…makes me smile.


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