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The amazing thing for me is sleeping!!!

Every time when you are tired, you feel like going to sleep. I think sleeping is the one of the amazing things EVER. I am always tired and if you look at me you can always tell that.

Imagine going to your room and lying on conformable, soft bed. Turning on your side, hugging your pillow by putting both of your hands under it, closing your eyes and try to fall asleep. If you have troubles going to sleep, you can think about your life or just imagine weird things, or you just count to 100. I know it is weird but it helps.

Sometimes when you watch a scary movie, you do not want to go to sleep right the way because you still have scary images in your mind (it happened to me a lot when I was a child). Also, when you watch a very boring movie, in my opinion the best way to fall asleep fast (it happens to me at home a lot). When I wake up, the movie is usually finished but the funny part is that I do not remember what happened in the beginning of the movie at all.

I think everyone loves to sleep (you can not really survive with out it). I wish the school would start later; mornings are usually my worse time of the day. I fell like a zombie.




The amazing thing for me is music!!!

If there was no such thing as music, I might have probably not survive (many people would not).

Music is something that relaxing me when I am nerves. When I have a competition, I fell like I got parallelized and have bad thoughts. For example, I think that I will fall on the element or drop apparatus, etc… Music controls my thoughts. When I listen to music, I get into it a lot. I forget what is happening around me and what I am going to face next in my life. But it matters what you listen to, you should listen to music that are making you dance or sing (that is my opinion). I think everyone in the class should listen to music before the test or presentation because it relaxing your brain (that is good because your brain would not over work then).

Music helps me when I am bored. For example, you are in the bus and your ride is an hour long. You do not want to die from boringness so you listen to music. Of course you can sleep but then you will need a soft and big pillow for you to be comfortable with.

I think everyone loves to listen to music because if you pay attention on TTC bus, you will notice that 1 out of 3 people are listening to music (mostly teenagers, I wonder why??? Hmmm).




The amazing thing for me is a roller coaster!!!

Every time when I go on the roller coaster, I feel energetic and exciting. But when the ride starts, I always think that I did the worse mistake of my life. I think the scariest part is when it goes up and you can see the city so clear (I am not a big fan of heights). Also, I find it scary when it goes flat down (I try to scream for fun but I always lose my voice so I close my mouse and sit quietly until the ride will be over).

My favorite roller coaster is BEHEMOTH in Canada's Wonderland. I find it scary but my friend made me go on it, if I did not go I would probably will regret because everyone after will talk about it and the ride looks very fun too. Behemoth is the biggest, longest and highest roller coaster in the whole North America. After Behemoth, all other roller coasters are not scary at all. It feels like you are baby that loves to go on small rides.

There is one roller coaster that I am afraid like crazy but I still go on it. It is called DROP ZONE. As you know from before that I am not a fan of heights. But in Drop Zone is million times worth because it goes really slowly up, it is 230 feet high and you can see the city very clearly but that is not the worth thing. You are ready for the free falling more then 100 km/h but they start doing count down from ten and that is so scary because I just want to be very close to the ground.

I know a lot of people who do not like roller coasters but I am a big fan. Every year I go to Canada's Wonderland and if I do not go then it is going to be a tragedy.




The amazing things for me are mountains!!!

I find mountains beautiful, cool and fascinating. They are always different sizes and shapes. I love mountains when they are very high up and that you can see snow on the top of the mountain during summer. It is very cold up there because of the wind but it is worth it because it is so beautiful, you can see so many things from above.

I like to go hiking, I know you have to go up the hill (not always), walk almost all day and carrying weight. But that is so worth it because you can see so many interesting and beautiful things around you. MAN I LOVE NATURE. I think the coolest part of hiking is when it comes to night because you will see so many stars around you in the sky. Almost every minute you will see a shooting star (they are very cool).

By writing this blog I found one bad thing about cities. It is that during the night, you can not see stars because cities are too bright. DOES NOT IT SUCK??? If it was possible to see stars in the city, I would have been probably sleeping outside during warm weathers. BUT THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Only, if there is going to be a power problem in the whole city.

I think mountains are one of the amazing things in nature. HUMANS are very lucky to have it.




The amazing thing for me is when you are in the car looking out the window and seeing a mirage on the road!!!

When I was a small child, I thought mirage was magic. Did you? No really, I could never understand how it is possible? When you are driving in the car with your parents and some kind of a big puddle of water on the middle of the road but when you come closer to the spot. It disappears. JUST LIKE MAGIC. I could not understand how water can disappear that fast.

But when I ask my parents what had happened to the water on the road. They just laugh at me and start to explain how it works. I could not understand a word they said, so I just make my own predictions. My predictions were always so funny (if you think about them NOW). For example, an alien in the space ship came to the planet for water (since Earth has water more then actual land (never knew at that time that you can not drink salt water)). So when every time mirage would disappear, I thought that aliens already stole it (I always thought their space ships are really fast because they are way advanced then humans). I still remember looking out of the window and looking up the sky. Trying to see a space ship, the funny thing is that I never saw one, so I thought it was invisible. But when I thought about aliens even more, I knew my prediction does not make any sense (JUST HOPED IT IS NOT TRUE) and then I start to think about different prediction. I had a HUGE imagination.

P.S. Always was scared of aliens; almost every night had a nightmare about them. For example a dream when an alien was sleeping on my bed and I had to hide under a chair (was too scared to wake him up, since he can always kill me or just take me to the different planet).




The amazing thing for me is a helium balloon because it can fly by holding a string!!!

I find that so cool. JUST LIKE MAGIC. Really, how cool is THAT. A floating thing in the air that would not go down (just do not pop it, I am WARNING you). When I was a little girl and if I had a helium balloon, I would just probably run around with it. Helium balloon is one of the things that I can not understand how it works when I was little. If I have a helium balloon at home now, my brother and I probably would be trying to play basketball with it. We do not shot the balloon in the net (since it is impossible) but we dribble the balloon around the room.

The worse thing about the helium balloon is that after a while there is not a lot of helium left so it is getting lower and lower every minute. Eventually, it looks like a normal balloon lying on the floor. I call it DEAD BALLOON.

If you like balloons a lot and you think they are amazing then you should watch a cartoon movie called "UP". The movie is amazing. There are so many moments in the movie that are so funny. My favorite characters are the bird and the dog. If you watch the movie, you will now why!!!




The amazing things for me are big waves because you can always jump over them!!!

I think waves are really cool. The water somehow goes up then curls and hits against the water again. When I went to a beach not far away from Toronto, there were no waves at all (that really SUCKED). It sucks that only sea and oceans have big and nice waves.

Last year during summer, I went to Spain for a month to a training camp. It was nice and hot in there. Every single day, I went to the beach and there were always big waves (big enough to jump and not to drown). The moment I stepped into the beach, I would run in the burning sand (like running on top of the fire) to get to the sea. Then I would take off my cloth (still be in my swim suit) and run in the water. I always tried the waves to pick me up and carry me and if I am really close to the shore, I can feel my stomach and hands hitting a lot of times against the ground (I had a lot of scratches). But sometimes I did not pay attention and the wave will go over me (I always drank a lot of salt water, telling you this now NEVER DRINK SALT WATER, it tastes very bad).

If you never tried waves before, you should because they are so much fun and exciting (WHOOO).




The amazing thing for me is a rainbow!!!

Rainbow is something that you can not feel (do not believe a cartoon series called "Care Bears" (the bears are walking on rainbows SO FAKE (what I am trying to say is that do not try to walk on the rainbow))). You can see rainbow when the rain will stop raining and the sun come out from the clouds. You would see a big rainbow, sometimes there are two rainbows but one of them is much brighter then another one. Rainbows are so beautiful because it has so many bright colorful colors.

When I was a little child, I found rainbows very fascinating. Every time when the raining would stop and sun would come out, I would run outside and try to find a rainbow. After I would find it, I would watch it for really long time.

Rainbow is something that we are really lucky to have it as a creation on Earth.




The amazing thing for me is fireworks.

I find fireworks very beautiful. Can you imagine that from a special stick there will be a beautiful firework (science Ahhh). Well, I can because I had tried my self lightning fireworks before.

Almost every year on July first, my family and I would go to watch fireworks in downtown. We would always see cool and unusual fireworks. I remember ones when I went; I saw a happy face and Canadian flag in the end of the show.

Have you seen a movie called "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"? Well, there is a part when Fred and George (the Weasley twins) made a little surprise for everyone and it was fireworks. Well, the fireworks that they had there were amazing, for example, there was a dragon shape and it looked like it was alive. I love that part of the movie.

You should buy some fireworks for July first. Trust me, you will have a lot of fun and would not regret what you did.


#10 BLOG


I think it is funny to see a professional baseball player who is fat. My brother and I watch baseball most of the time. I am a fan of Toronto Blue Jays and I always try not to miss their game because I have a really tight schedule. My brother tells me the latest news that I have not herd off before. When there is a player missing because of the injury and if I ask about him to my brother, he would say that the player is on break and probably eating a lot of hot dogs. I agree with him on that one because if you look at some players, you can see that they have big bums and stomachs. I know those baseball players need a lot of strength to hit a ball and run from base to base. And I can not understand how fat suppose to help them (is it suppose to make them weaker and slower???).

Well, I am not a scientist and may be it is one of the ways that makes baseball players that good!!! I love baseball and always will.

P.S. I watched Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas game right now and I am sad because Toronto just lost.

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