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The 10 NoT-sO-ImPoRTaNt-ThIngS iN LiFe tHaT I LiKe.

1. Seeing My Favourite CoLOuR.

You know when you're walking down the streets of Toronto (or where ever you live) and most of the colours you see are grey (all shades), brown, black and just all those dull colours?

Yah, pretty boring right?

I mean, when you live in the city you don't get to see much of the brilliant colours that exist in the world 'cause contsuction workers REFUSE to colour buildings bright red or yellow, pink, blue, purple, peach, magenta or other colours that are your favourites (but if you love grey to the point where you don't like REAL colours, LEAVE THIS BLOG NOW! P.S, I mean this in the most respectful way). Even car company's involve themselves with colours (look at the picture of a green Hummer I found!).

Anyways, don't you wish you could see your favourite colour more in society? For example, my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE colour is green, but I NEVER get to see it much when I cruise around Toronto. Wouldn't it be nice to see your favourite colour just so you could feel more…..colourful?

HEYYYY!! You know what? We should have festivals where we celebrate each colour of the colour wheel! YAHHH, the streets that are blocked would be COVERED in the specific colour (like GREEENNNN) and all the FOOD, cups, tents, even PEOPLE would be that colour!!

Oh well, it's not like any of YOU would feel the same way and would like to start a protest to get businesses to be more involved with colours….(BUT IF YOU DO please call 555-3456. HAIL TO THE COLOURS).



2. Learning New FaCtS.

It's pretty nice to know that you have SOME type of knowledge, right? But doesn't it feel much better when you actually learn something new? Of course, not everyone is so enthusiastic to learn, but that's only when they are FORCED to learn (the key word is FORCED in case that wasn't emphasized enough). It's more rewarding when you learn a new fact on your own, you know? For example, when your walking around somewhere and you see a magazine that catches your interest. You pick it up, skim through the pages and all of a sudden, you see a very attractive box. It says "Did you know that 52% of the human population are women? Then you would be like "Huh, I never knew that." Then the sudden rush of smart-feeling-ness comes to you, and you feel like nothing can stop you! Okay, well that feeling will just as suddenly go away so it's important to have a health dose of new facts (which is why I am talking about this).

Plus, once you have that new knowledge, you can tell others about it. Aside from school, I think this is a very effective way of learning. Of course, books aren't the only places where facts are given. Maybe you'll even overhere a random person saying "…and Toronto's population of over 4 million is only going to get bigger unless…". Look at that, you just learned a new fact!

So yah, learning facts, I think, is a very cool thing, especially when you find it on your own (plus it makes you feel smarter, therefore boosts your confidence and isn't that a good thing?).


3. Window SHopPinG

I know I know, this interest of mine seems like a weird one. I completely understand that the majority of society prefers possessing something they want rather than simply seeing it then walking away. Society has VERY good reasons for that, and I acknowledge that. However, window shopping is not that bad; not that bad at all. I mean, sometimes you see these wonderful clothes or jewellry and etc. (I know these apply for girls but I honestly have NO IDEA what guys like to buy other than games, and games is the only thing I WON'T window shop for….I gotta have it or else I'll die of grief BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT!) and you'll REALLY want to buy it right? But me? I'll feel this urge NOT to buy it. Why? Because my mentality towards something I see in a sorta that I like is "Oh My God, that's so cool! I'm gonna wait a while and get it later!"

Pretty weird right? You see, the truth is, I'm not sure why I have that mentality. Maybe it's because I'm an extremely lazy person? Maybe I like torturing myself with the grief of not having the thing I so dearly love? Or maybe I'm afraid that if I buy the thing, I'll realize that it's the most cheapest thing on the planet, get really mad, and accidently burn the store down in my sleep?

………….You know what, I think it's all those reasons. I DO like suspense, and I am afraid of waisting money on cheap things ( I mean it's crazy why do businesses mislead people like that? Why do you think our economy is so bad now? BECAUSE OF CHEAP PEOPLE LIKE THAT). So you see, window shopping isn't so bad. I mean it gives you a chance to really know about what your prepared to buy (whether it's cheap our not). Once you decide that it's worth your time and money, you buy it and spend your life enjoying it!. So when you think about, window shopping is not so bad at all!


4. Finding something that could'nt be found in AGES.

YES YES YES and YES! IT'S TOTALLY AWSOME WHEN YOU FINNALY FIND SOMETHING YOU'VE BEEN LOKING FOR FOR SO LOOOOOONG!! Especially when it's important ( like for school…but is that really important? P.S THAT WAS A JOKE; people stay in school and get good grades….seriously….I mean that). All these happy thoughts just rush into your brain; thoughts like "YAHH I found it who cares if I just broke my leg yesterday or failed an exam or that I stole a Wii and I'm going to jail for it?!".

Scratch that last point; those SHOULD NOT be your thoughts (WELL, it's okay if they're your thoughts for a second, but reality comes crashing down soon afterwards, which stinks). But when you find something you've lost for a long time you really do get this rush of happiness, then your mood is better for a couple days (so much better that you may start being nice to your arch-nemesis….).

PLUS, the thing you find doesn't necessarily have to belong to you. For example, let's say you find this book you've been looking for ages at the library, or a game in a store. Any way it happens, the result is the same….

5. Finally ending the PrOcRAstInaTiON

I strongly beleive that most people in the world have at least procrastinated from doing something at least 100 times in their life (okay maybe 100 is a little harsh but it's probably around that number). Therefore, many people understand the GREAT JOY one gets when they FINALLY do the task they were supposed to do a long time ago. Do you get that feeling too (you probably do 'cause you're probably a student and students kinda sorta maybe procrastinate a lot..)? It feels as if you've accomplished something so great, especially if it actually is something important ('cause you know, sometimes people get supper happy for the smallest things…. which is a good thing).

Plus, you get this HUGE weight of your shoulders and you feel free…just FREE; I'm sure lots of you readers have had this feeling. You know, when you think about, procrastination is kinda like an annoying bug constantly flying in your face; always around and hard to get rid of.

But HEY, once the bug goes away, all is good right? Yes, no maybe so….

6. CoMeDY!

COMEDY IS THE COOLEST THING EVER! All things comedy ROCK like comedy movies, comedy books, comedy comics (sounds funny eh? tee hee hee!), comedy pictures….there's a long list. What's not to like about comedy I mean, comedy means laughter and laughter means happiness and happiness means good moods which ultimately leads to a good nights sleep. So basically, comedy is good for you!

Okay, other than what comedy is actually meant or, comedy can be a HUGE stress reliever. Sometimes people just need something to help them get their mind of what's bothering them. Some people choose to read, or exercise, or draw etc…but comedy is definitly the best stress remedy. Why? Because when you see something funny and laugh, you actually forget what was bothering you for a couple seconds and even when you remeber again, it doesn't feel as horrible as before. Comedy can really help to make things that seem stressful not so important, therefore doesn't need to have so much energy wasted on it. For example, your boyfriend of 1 year cheated on you, so you break up with him but the stress and sadness just doesn't seem to go away. Watch a little comedy (maybe even something related to what's bothering you) laugh, and next thing you know you forget the name of the guy that pissed you off!. (Yikes this paragraph is long…sorry just had to express that…)

Yeah, comedy really is great… HEY! Did you know that the more you laugh in life, the longer you'll live? Just keep that in mind, my dear readers.

7. When the weather is just RiGHt!

Weather is crucial for many reasons (EXTREMELY many reasons, like billions…no ZILLIONS…I think you guys get the point). Certain weather is needed for certain living conditions, like deserts need extremely hot weather (or else it's not a desert DUH!) so the animals can survive. However, the defenition for the PERFECT weather is not exactly solid. I mean, for a polar bear it's cold weather with temperatures ranging from -20 to -50 degrees Celsius. For a jack rabbit, if the temperature is higher than 40 degrees, they're good ('cause if it was much colder than that then THEY would be much colder).

OKAYYYYYY let's jump back to homo sapiens. So yeah, basically having the weather to be just right, for me, would be when the sky is cloudy with greyish white clouds, when the temperature is between 12-16 degrees Celsius. A little drizzle is cool too. BUT, I know a lot of people actually want the bright and shiny sun (though I won't ever understand that because a big shiny sun simply BLINDS my eyes to the point where it's painful).

Well there's one reason I think cloudy weather is pretty awsome, but it's also very calming and comfortable. I mean, clouds can't burn your skin (therefore you're allowed to where all the black in the world!). PLUS, I find that bugs are somewhat less active during cloudy days (okay, I admit I LOVE nature; I don't mind getting down and dirty and stuff like that, but bugs are simply annoying).

AAAAAAAAAANNND that's the weather forcast for you folks! Tune in next time to find out when more sunny days are to come. (I HATE when the weather guy says this…anyways HEY if you're gonna comment, please tell me what kinda weather you guys like!).

8. When computers actually function properly for OnCe!

Scientists have names for different eras which the world went through, right? We have the Mesozoic era, Precambrian era, Cenozoic, Jurrasic; you name it there are tons! You wanna know what authorities call the era that we live in now? The COMPUTER ERA. Isn't that crazy, I mean that's how much computers affect our lives, our cities, our countries, our WORLD! Computers are needed EVERYWHERE and they're replacing almost every informative resource known to man. Plus, a lot of people rely on the computer for entertainment than tv nowadays. Literally, computers are everywhere (it's like humans are being controlled by them, but unconciously…kinda creepy).

SO, since computers are dominating the world, why is it that they have SO many technical difficulties? I mean, I'm sure you guys have experienced something like not being able to use the computer because it has a huge bug, or virus or spyware or any of those annoying computer diseases. However, when you finally have a day where your computer functions JUST right, you get this happy feeling (especially if your computer is EXTREMELY naughty). Everything that you need to get done GETS done! It's wonderful!

Yah so, computers…great inventions…sometimes malfunction (make that ALL the time)…but sometimes decided to work. You know, it's like they have their own personalities. The day they're in a good mood is the day YOU are in a good mood; it simply works like that. And those good days are GREAT, no?

9. Remembering things you've FoRgoTten!

You know that feeling you get when you hear or see something you recognize from a long time ago? It's like a deja-vu moment, and you keep telling yourself "OH MY GOD I KNOWWWWWW THIS! UGHH but I can't remember what it is UGHH!!". Then you feel miserable 'cause you just can't remember whatever it was.

Then…during the most randomest time you could think off (like while taking a shower or scratching your butt or shaving….whatever parts need to be shaved) you suddenly remember what you wanted to remember! And then you're like "Oh, glorious day!" You become all excited and start shouting weird things (like YEEPEE or YAHOO or YEEHAAH or YABADABA-DOOO….and etc).

Yeah so this feeling is pretty sweet huh? You just feel a little better about yourself. HEY, you know what the BEST scenario is? When you're watching a really old tv show, and you're like "UGHH I know this!" but you can't remember. Then, after a couple days you remember what it was (for example, you're like "OH YEAHHHH!!! It's the Flinstones!", and for those of you who don't what that show is, I suggest you contact your doctor to check up on your failing memory).

Yeah, remembering forgotten things rule!
10. Living in the OcEaN!

Yep I know exactly what your first, initial reaction to ocean is; HABA WHAT? But I'm being TOTALLY serious now, no jokes…at all….

BUT seriously, when you think about it, all we really know about life is life on land ( only 30% of the ocean has been discovered). Wouldn't it be cool to live in the water 24/7? For one thing, you can control gravity! When you want to go up, you go up, but on land, if you want to go up you have to pay 1,000 and get onto a plane ( and when you want to go down you can go WAY down…like really far down). That ain't fair! Plus, in the ocean there is so much SPACE, except for coral reefs 'cause those places are as busy as Tokyo! PLUS, you can do all kinds of tricks in the water…all you have to do is spin around and move like Jell-O (wobbly wobbly wobbly wobbly wobbly…wobble). No matter what trick you want to do,m you can do it ('cause there's so much SPace and no GRAVITY!).

You know how people always say there's only one world? They're WRONG 'cuase there are TWO. The ocean is like a totally different world; none of the land-living laws apply at all, so basically, moving from land to ocean is like moving from one world to another. Come on, now that's exciting, isn't it? Oh well….if only we were mermaids and mermen…to bad genetic engineering on humans is illegal (KIDDING genetic engineering is BAD BAD BAAAAAAAADDD..very bad).

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