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10th Awesome thing



As I drink my coke right now I pondered on how this


and amazing thing came to be.

In May 1886, coca cola was born by a pharmacist named John
Pemberton. Dr. John Pemberton formulated the coca cola in his
backyard in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Why is this an awesome thing? Because coke not only fulfills your thirst
but also cools you down in the heat of the day.
Not to mention that it defiantly helps with the ladies. Offering
a girl a coke is a great way to charm her.

If coke was not as awesome as it seems then why over 200 would countries
be using it and why would 7,000 coca cola products be consumed every second.

I have no doubt that this soft drink is a great and AWESOME
thing and I am very happy that John Pemberton
invented this drink.

9th Awesome thing



From buda cha buda cha to da da da la da da da la to classic to
rock to techno to hip hop to Rnb to heavy metal, music is music

and it’s just great,

and amazing.

As I listen to music right now I think to where this thing
has come from…..

It is believed that music has existed for more than 50,000
years and although it is unknown the origins of music it is believed
that it started in Africa along with us.

Music is an awesome thing because it can bring you out of a world you hate and into a world
you love. It is also a very relaxing and soothing thing to
listen to. I know that when I have a bad day I can just turn up my tunes and
listen to it and then i am free from pain.

I think that music is best the thing that binds us together and makes us truly happy inside.

8th Awesome thing



You can watch sports, cartoons, movies, tv shows, commercials,
infomercials, fitness, dancing, documentaries, kids shows, weather and
nature, all through one little thing.

Watching T.V is a very
and a fun thing to do on your spare time.

Wow, I watch this program on T.V and I wonder how does this beautiful
thing work and which great human created it? So television works on one
simple principal : If you divide a still image into a collection of
small colored dot your brain will resemble the dots into meaningful
images. A Russian-born American named Zworykin is credited for applying
the electric scanning tube in his work in 1923. His first successful
transmission was on September 7, 1927 (my birth date :) )

The television is an amazing thing because you can do tons an tons of
fun exciting things. There are a billion shows to watch, (Prison Break
is the best one, but it's over :( ) a billion channels to surf through
and ultimately your going to have very fun time with it. You can also
hook up a video game system to it and play all night.

Ya T.V is the best also because you can get instant access to anything
such as News, Weather, Traffic, Sports Scores etc. Ask yourself this :
How many times gave you turned your T.V on to check the weather or

T.V Is Amazing!

7th Awesome thing



It's Monday then it's Tuesday than it's Wednesday then it's Thursday
then it's FRIDAY!!! A


and amazing day that
is the start to a wonderful weekend.

So why are Fridays the best days of the month. Why does every child
love a Friday night? Why does everyone pray for Friday to come?

Maybe because its opening towards the weekend and you could do what ever you want.
Fridays are amazing because you dont have to worry about tomorrows work
or tomorrows assignments all you have to worry
about is how to spend the evening.

Fridays are also important to us by helping us through the week. When anyone looks
forward to something than the hours or days or months go by very quickly so in
order to pass the days we look forward to Fridays.

The Term "TGIF" was created because of Fridays. "Thank Goodness Its Friday" is
what TGIF means and ultimately is the BesT PhrasE In ThE worlD.

There is also a restaurant to honor Fridays and its called "T.G.I. Friday`s"

I Love Fridays and they are amazingly AwesomE

6th Awesome thing

Finding Money


Cua Ching $$$$
Money makes the world go round and it sure makes me really happy to
have it. Finding money is a


and amazing thing to have done.

I wonder where this thing I find all around the world came from.
Around 9,000 B.C to 6,000 B.C people used livestock as a source of
money. They would trade livestock for agriculture and other livestock.
In china, 1,000 B.C, the first metal coins were used and that's where
all the coins and money began.

When you find money on the ground you feel like you've won
the lottery or you've gotten paid for not doing nothing and
that feels really good. I remember one time where i found a 20
dollar bill on the ground right beside my neighbors house.

Whether its a penny, a quarter or a dollar it always feels
nice to have gotten some money from doing nothing. Money is
everywhere and if you don't find it it will find you like it did me.

Finding money on the street, a car, around a cash register,
in a sofa or just in your pants its always going to be a pleasant
and Awesome thing to have done.

5th Awesome thing

Opposable Thumbs


Wow where would we be without opposable thumbs??
Could we do anything … change the channel ?? Text message?? Tighten a loose screw??
I do not know.. Such a


and amazing thing yet we take it for granted.

As I type right now I think of all the times i use my opposable thumbs.

Picking up Paper
Picking up a pen or pencil
Writing stuff
Opening a book
Using a fork and knife
tearing of a small piece of tape
Turning on a water faucet
Sharpening a pencil
Combing your hair
Tieing your shoe laces
Zipping up your jacket
Buttoning up a button
Closing a zip lock bag

These are just some of the many things that you can do
with opposable thumbs. Ya these thumbs are friking
amazing and awesome. I would not know what i would do
without no opposable thumbs seeing all the different
uses of my opposable thumbs.

Why are opposable thumbs so awesome to human? Well
because we are the only species that have opposable
thumbs. This is very unique to us and it definatly signifiys
us as humans and not as alligators or birds.

Here is a neat activity to try if you want to know how it feels like without OPPOSABLE THUMBS.


4th Awesome thing



Hahahahaha "That was So Funny"
I love laughing and its the best thing
that ever happened to humans and me.
Laughter is just


and amazing thing to do.

Laughter is the best. Laughing is awesome
because you release all your anger, fear, and
negative thoughts. You turn all that into a wonderfull,
happy laugh that can last up to minutes. From my
experience when ever i have a bad day or its just not going
well then i just find a way to laugh.

There was a story that a guy had three months
to live because of a disease. So the guy quit his job
and bought a whole bunch of funny movies. He went
home and for a whole three months he watched nothing
but funny movies, funny T.V shows and anything that's funny.
After that it was a miracle doctors say, he had lived
after those three months and lived happy ever after :) .

It is proven that laughter makes us all smarter and healthier.
This is because when we laugh we intake more oxygen
and there for feeding the brain more "nutrition".

Laughter is Amazing

Here is a site if you wanna laugh.

3rd Awesome thing



Agh love… Love keeps us together and bonds us together. Love is just a


and amazing thing.

What is love? Baby don't hurt me.
Where is the love? Where is the love?
Now that the love is gone? What is there to do.
Many songs have questioned what love is and where
to find. But love is always there and it is in us all.

Love comes in many different ways. You have your parents the you have
love for your wife, girlfriend, etc. Do you love your parents the same
way as you love girlfriend, wife, etc? No, at least not me.
Also, love for your favorite item (car, teddy bear, short etc) is
probably not the same as love for your wife. What you can take away
from this is that love comes in many different ways and that's what love is.

Joy, Happiness, laughter, are some of
the many emotions you emit when you are in love.
You feel like the only thing you care about is that or
it or him or her or them. When you only think of him, when your crazy
about her, when you worship it, when you have affection with them
you'll know that your in love. Everyone has there different ways of expressing love.

Love is awesome!

2rd Awesome thing



A fantastic display of artsa and colours fills
the sky as the night starts to begin. Fireworks are just a


and amazing thing.

As this thing pops and whizzles and Fumes I question
how this phenomenon of Fireworks came to be.
Fire works originated in China some 2,000 years ago. Legend has it that
fireworks were discovered or invented by accident
by a Chinese cook working in a field kitchen
who happened to mix charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter.

Fireworks are a great thing because when they pop they
excite us. Also the very different barrage of very different colors is what
attracts us to it. Fireworks also could display our emotions
because when the coulour would be red I would feel angry
but when its bright white I feel relaxed.

My personal experiences have shown me that fireworks
are a very great thing that man has created. Fireworks are a
symbol of celebration because they are almost always used
for celebration purposes.

In Conclusion, Fireworks are sick.

1st Awesome thing

Prison Break

Season-4-Poster-prison-break-2049352-370-500.jpg tf.org-Prison-Break-free-2008.jpg

PRISON BREAK IS THE @#?%$!!!!! BEST $h1T alive!!!

If you watched all of IT… Even the final Two (not on DVD)

then its Enough Said.

If not then listen

Go Watch It


Prison break is not just a show. It shows determination,
courage, and perseverance. It shows you what it
means to be a free man. It shows tons different aspects of
human qualities and negatives. It is such a genius plot and story.
It is a Masterpiece.

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