Blog Comments- Salma

1. Never Fear the Elevator is here!
Um I really liked your blog and the first part happens to me every single day, about misplacing everything I mean. But the second part when the elevator comes fast. It’s the opposite for me. Every time I’m late something is wrong with the elevator too. But really if you do scream out-loud I’m sure your neighbors won’t be angry. After all you did just wake them up properly

1. Seeing your favourite colour
I enjoy seeing my favourite colours on the streets too. But really, if you saw them all the time would you really like them? Favourite colours are usually colours you see once and a while but if you see them all the time. They aren’t soo special are they? They’d be just another colour. Nevertheless, I love the colour Green too

8. I agree with the part where you said that you would learn to improve. But the other two are sometimes untrue; when you look at your mark for a presentation they usually don’t say all the good things about the presentation but the bad. Like speak slower, or be more prepared. Well at least my comments are like that. Everyone’s are different depending on the presentation. But I’m sure friends would make you feel appreciated.

2. Soccer
Umm I really don’t like soccer, I’m happy I don’t because I don’t know if I’d like to eat it :S I’m also very happy I don’t live in south America or else I would be very bored. And the fact that you play soccer EVERYDAY is very, very, unnatural to me. But I guess I just don’t like sports.

6. Yawns
Answer to your first question: YES!
Actually I also love the feeling of a yawn especially the ones that make you feel as if you are on a cloud. And like you said I think it is soo cool that yawns can be contagious. What would be cool to see is whether or not fake yawns are contagious as well…

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