Singing in your shower time.

I doubt that everybody would love to sing, but it might be embarrassing to sing in the public, also can be annoying. However, if you are showering, you can do whatever you like, becaue nobody can see you. Basically, your bathroom is your secret place; you can do whatever you want in that place, including singing out loud.

Other benefits you would get if you sing in a shower.

1. You will get the free background music—the song of water.

2. Practice your singing skill

3. Make you become more confident

4.When you don’t feel well, you wouldn’t have to worry about that you have no place to blow your repressed emotion. Since you can sing in your shower time.

I believe if you read my blog, surely would gain a new habit of singing in your shower time.
Because sing in the shower is AWSOME!!

Rainstorms are awesome!

Thunder and lightning! Don’t be scared, because it is cool to be brave in rainstorm weather. Do you dare to sleep in a rainstorm day? Probably not, I bet most of you guys are afraid to sleep during the scary songs of the thunder, and the sudden affright of the lightning. Come on, don’t be a coward, try to enjoy the songs of the thundering, and the feels of lightning, with the harmony of the rain. Many poets and composers had used rainstorms as an inspiration to developed many beautiful poems and songs. Writers are also used to create tragedies through the background of rainstorms. My favorite violin concerto — Four seasons, which is composed by Vivaldi. The first movement “spring” described the beginning of spring, with the bird’s singing, and spring rainstorms. If you want to taste the happiness of rainstorm, please try to enjoy the “spring” of Vivaldi.
This is part of his poem, which described his mood about spring.

The sky is covered with a black mantle,
And thunder and lightning announce a storm,
When they fall silent, the birds
Take up again their melodious song.

Rainstorms are awesome, especially spring rainstorms!!


When your feel sad, there’s always a nice person, who comes, and try to make you feel better.

One day, I heard the news that my aunt just passed away because of her cancer. I was really sad, because when she was alive she used to take care of me a lot. I could not believe the truth. I was nearly going to cry, but I have to stop my emotion. Listen to my lessons, and try to smile to everyone I know. I told myself that nobody would care the fact that you just lost your aunt. However, I was wrong. There was a person actually came to me, and priests for her, and asked me if I need any help. I didn’t need any help really, but it was nice of him to say that. I also felt warmer deep inside my heart.

After the moment you received other people's help, you felt better. One day if the person who helped you is having trouble, you would for try the best you to let him feel better.

I think this is called conscience, the thing that only human beings can have.

Everything that people did for you is AWSOME, and everything you did for others are AWSOME too.Because WE WERE ALL TRYING TO HELP.


A person’s smile
No matter in what kinds of circumstances, a person’s friendly smile will make you feel comfortable and forget all your worries.

Think about one day you are not feeling well, because you just had a misunderstanding with your friend. At that time you probably feel pretty disappointed and angry. At the moment you were so unhappy, you saw a person who smiled at you. Even though you might not know him. However, you still will suddenly feel better.

Actually, this was one of my experiences. See, this is the magic of smile It can really solve a problem, and change your bad mood.

I believe smile is Awesome!!

lucky day that you can falling in sleep faster than usual
Ever had a day that the moment when your head touches the pillow, you suddenly felt asleep? Everyone should have unless once or twice. When you are too tired, you just need a good sleep. However, after I get into bed, i could not fall asleep that quickly, so most of the times I talked to myself, counted sheep, and used many other method which could make me fall in sleep soon as possible. It was annoying.
If there is a lucky day that I can fall sleep faster than usual, I will be so glad. No more worries about sleepless. The next day you woke up, you would feel so fresh, and full of energy.

Have an awsome sleep is for having a awsome life!!

Brainstorm a piece of music
Music is a really enjoyable thing, no matter if you only perfer to listen to it, or being a musician to create it.

However, It is not enjoyable anymore, when you are forced to practice the pieces you don't like. At this time, music will be totally be annoying to you.

Now, what should you do is to brainstorm a piece of your own just for fun.Use your piano or whatever instrument you play. Through away those music scores which you don't like, and close your eyes, follow your finger.And viela ! You just composed your own music.

At this time you should enjoy your music,and have fun!


When you find out that you actually did not get a bad mark as you thought so.
After a test or quiz, your were panicing about the questions you were not sure, or you know you actually got wrong. You asked your friends or your teacher what were the answers, and you know your answers are abit different from them. You thought you might get a really bad mark, thinking about it all day.

A week after, finaly the test had been given back, you suprisingly found out that your mark actually wasn't bad at all. It might be the best one in the entire class.

Through out your vexation, instead of suprise. Your mood must suddenly go extremely high.
At that time , the only thing you should do is to enjoy your lucky day.

This is Awesome!!


Catch your traffic light!!

When you are in a hurry, do you want to catch the every red lights, I don't think so. The changing period between the traffic lights are short, but if you are so unlucky, and cathched all the red ones. Then you are going to be late for sure.I’m always late for school and for my private lessons because of the traffic lights. However, if it is your lucky day, then you might catch all the green lights on your journey. IF I can predicate that there would be no red lights on the way to my school I would wake as late as I can, because I can use the time that I wait for the traffic lights to sleep. If you are walking, I bet you would hate more of waiting the change of the traffic lights. Since, you have to stand there for 5 or more minutes. Therefore, I would always run fast as I can to catch the light. At the hot days, you will be sweat for just waiting for the change of the traffic light. At the cold days, you will be freezing also for waiting for the change of the traffic light. Therefore, catch your light at the right time is extremely awsome!!


Chat with friends

Every one have friends, and everyone must chat with them. Because that's what friends do to you, let you chat with them.You can chat with them on internet, on telephone, on anywhere you want to.
Tell them the things you like and the things you hate. Our lives can not go on with out friends, also can not go on without chatting . According to reference, that chat with other people is extremely good for our health. Since, you are expressing your feelings. People who do not always chat with people, always looks old, or died early. Therefore, it is good for our body to char with our friends. But remember, do chat with the person you trust with.

Chat with friehds is AWSOME!!!!!!!


when every member of the family is present.

It's a great news that my mom just came back from China. The reason that I really think it is special and awsome, because I really missed her alot. And My mom also brought me many gifts. Especially, when she was still in China she told me she would give me a suprise. I wondered what that is, and took alot random guesses. I bet everyone love suprises,and either do I. Yesterday, she just came back from China, and showed me the "suprise"— It is a golden flute.

Anyways, the present is great, but the truth is I'm glad that she just came back with us. Since without her, our family will not be as a whole. I always feel like missing something, when my family is missing a person, especialy that person is my mom.

Every memeber of a family have their own parts to do. If there's missing a person, then the faimily will not gonna be as perpect as before. Therefore, I think when every member of the family is present is awsome.

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