Comments on Frank's blog

The song of the ice truck is fun and AWSOME!! Since the moment you heard the song of the truck, you do know that you are going to have ice cream to eat. I also like your creative idea, I never think that the song of the ice truck is fun. From this blog that you did, could show that you do pay attention to the things around you. And I also like the blog that you wrote about that you like to keep your diary. That is a good habbit. I have the same habbit as you do. I'm glad you wrote about daydreaming and music, because those are all the things that I enjoy about, especially I think that the music which match my mood is awsome.

Comments on Ellen's blog

The best blog I like about Ellen is the blog which written about eyes. Yes, eyes are the windows of our heart. It is awsome to have beautiful eyes. You can see a person's peronality from looking at his or her eyes. I also like the style of your blogs. Which you put some quotes on the top, and then you start your writing. The other blog which I really like is the one you wrote about the buffet. I'm sure that everybody love to go to a buffet. After you paied you can just take anything you want, that is absolutely cool and awsome. Since, I know that you really love books, so I 100% agree no matter how old the book is, the message behind its words lives on. We have to learn from all kinds of books including the old ones.

Comments on wendy's blog
I agree with your blog about eye glasses. Since I wear glasses too. You couldn't see things clear if you don't wear glasses. It affect your study, since you have to look at the black board when you are in class. And glasses can also sometimes be cool, if it mathes your clothes, it can be fashionable. Do you know it is really popular in Japan to wear a pair of glasses that fits, even thought you don't actually need it. In current days, people no longer see glasses as nerdy, and boring. Instead they see them as cool, and smart. So, put on your our glasses, our world changes! It is AWSOME!!

comments on william's blog
I read all your blogs, the ideas are creative. But my favorite one is the one you talked about clean glasses. Yes, everyone of us do like clean things. Especially, when you need to drink water from that glass , you don't want to get sick, just because there's some dirt in it. It is absolutely gross when you see milk stains in the glass. If I see it in the morning, I won't eat anything for the whole day. Well, a bit unrealistic, but I perfer clean things. Therefore, I think clean glasses are AWSOME!!!

Comments on pouyan's blog

Think about the past and the future. huh………… interesting. Is it the part of day dreaming. TeLL YOU SOME FACTS, that some scientsts already proved that it is possible to travle back and forth in time. Isn't it AWSOME? I would love to take the chance to be the first one to travel back or forth in time. To see the things we can not see in our periiod of time. I also dreamed about that I might be the person who discovered about how to exactly travel in time. Maybe we need a machine, maybe there's a specific place on earth which we don't know. In my opinion it is sort of a magic stuff that we can go to whenever we want, and IT IS AWSOME!!

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