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Comment 1 Frank’s blog#7
I strongly agree with that! When the music matches your mood, you will feel like the lyric is what you want to say. You will want to dance with the beat. Nothing better than this kind of feeling!

Comment 2 frank’s blog#9
Writing diary is awesome. I don’t write the diary on the diary everyday. But I will write them on my own blog everyday. Write everything that just happened down, or you can just write about your mood for the day. After a few years; when you see the things you wrote. They will refresh your memory and remind you what you were thinking at that time. It’s pretty cool.

Comment 3 Ellen’s blog#4
I love buffet, too. Especially the Chinese buffet! A lot of choices, a lot of awesome food and you can eat them all! That’s so attractive. And, as you said, food lovers, this is your heaven.

Comment 4 Tracy’s blog#6
I really agree with you! I know the feeling that you see the sale at your fave store! If there’s a sale at my fave store, I will want to buy everything in the store! And they are all with the low prices. I love this feeling.

Comment 5 Shirley’s blog#1
Singing in your shower time! I love that! I think this is the best place you can practice your singing skill. And in your washroom, you can get the best sound affect. When you are showering, your sound can not be heard by anybody, and you won’t be shy to sing the songs out loud. Shower room is the best place for me to practice my sing skill!

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