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1000 awesome things

standing on the seaside, and enjoy the sea breeze

When u feel upset, when some problems u cannot solve, when all the things freak u out; find a sunny day, when to the seaside and enjoy the sea breeze, thats really helpful. Great weather, sunshine, fresh air can make u feel relaxed. U can smell the smell from the sea. Just enjoy them, they will make u comfortable, also they can release all the pressure, everything will be okk. U will feel much better!

Watch movies in the empty movie theatre.

I’m a big movie fan. I love watching movies, especially in the theatre. I like the atmosphere there. In the dark space, the huge screen and the surround sound, all the things can make you into the movie. Sometimes, you will watch the movie in the empty theatre. That’s really awesome. Imagine that, you are the only person in the whole huge theatre; you are facing the huge screen and the top sound affect. The most important thing is you can do whatever you want to do like you are at home. You are so free in the movie theatre. You don’t have to worried about you can not get a good seat and someone bother you or disturb you when you are watching movie. However, all you have to do is just enjoy the show.

Swimming in the summer time
Summer break is coming very soon. It’s a good time to do some exercises. In the summer time, of course, swimming is your first choice. Swimming is one of the most popular water games. Many people like swimming in summer, or even in the winter. Swimming in summer makes people feel cool and relax. Children like playing in the water for fun. Adults can enjoy themselves in cool water of such a hot day. Water exercise is an excellent activity for many people,particularly those who with joint healthy problems. Taking a swim in cold water may train your muscle and make you stronger. However, I like this sport a lot.


iPhone from Apple Inc., is a leading mobile product in the North American, even Global smart phone market. It is famous of its large touch screen, unique hardware design, built-in wide screen iPod music player, and known as the best portable internet device since it provides the best mobile internet experience. iPhone is raising the standards of smart phone’s design and quality in the mobile market. It does not have very high resolution camera or HD radio like some featured phones because it is famous of its simplicity, which promotes the most user-friendly for a mobile user. Its direct market competitor, the Blackberry from RIM has imitated Apple and manufactured a similar product known as the Blackberry Storm with large touch screen. The Storm has no big effect on iPhone’s secured market status.

Meet a previous classmate you’ve not been seen for long time.

When you are walking on the street, someone called your name and you realize that is your previous classmates you have not been seen for so long! How surprise you are! It’s so cool! You guys went to different school after you graduated. You might change a lot, and of course you will have a lot of topics, new school, new friends and also your old friends. Because of that, you can have a good friend to chat with! And he or she could be the friend who can hang out with! Awesome!

Go to a concert of your favorite singer

In my opinion, go to the concert of your favorite singer is the great thing can make everybody exciting. You can see your favorite singer there and you can see your favorite singer perform a great show for you! Just enjoy the atmosphere there. Everyone holds the glow sticks, moves their body with the rhythm. Imagine that, thousands of people shake their glow stick and move their body with the rhythm at the same time. This can be the most awesome thing you have ever seen.

Iced-watermelon in summer time

In the summer time, the sun can almost burn you. We have to find something to make us cooler. Forget about the pops, they are bad for your health. Think about iced-watermelon now, it is your best choice in the summer time. Just put the watermelon in the fridge, till it is frozen. Bingo! Try it! You can feel it melt in your mouth with the sweet iced juice permeated around your mouth. This is how the happiness tastes like. This is the best moment you have in the whole summer!

The moment you just finished your last exam

After two long semesters, finally, you have the last exam for this whole year. The moment when you finishing the last letter for the exam. Suddenly, you released all your pressures; you will feel really relaxing and exciting at the same time! No more school and it is summer break! You are totally free! Don’t care about the home works, it’s your time. All these thoughts will pop up at the moment. And, absolutely, nothing is better than this moment.

Great Wall

Do you know Great wall. Great wall is the longest wall in the world. It starts from Shanhai Guan to Jiayu Guan. And pass by China's capital Beijing. I went to Beijing on Jan. And of course i climbed the Great Wall. Great Wall is so high and i needed to catch the top. At first i run so fast and lots of people looked at me. After a while i was so tried and my speed slowed down. But i couldn't give up. I believed that i could make it! After a long terrible journey, i got it. Standing on the top, mountains are under my foot. I was so exciting! That's so cool. Standing in this mystical building!

Picking Cherries
Last week i went to Cherry Farm to pick cherry. The cherry was so sweet. You just pay 20 dollars and you can eat whatever you want. So, i started to enjoy the cherry. I was so excited. And I ate lot and lot. But actually, my stomach can't stand that anymore. When i nearly died, my friend told me taste some salt and you can have more. I tried some salt. After a while, wow.. So cool. I could have more cherry! Then i kept going, and i thought i had ate 2 trees of cherry! Hahaha!! So cool, isn't it!?

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