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It seems that things are always so hectic in the moring and I find one thing and lose the other then find the other and lose everything else. I got to admit, that elevator, SAVIOR! Well. Even if the rest of the day goes horrible, I can still prouldy proclaim that at least one thing went my way!

Horatio (CSI): 'I think I hear your elevator'

BLOG 10. EYES (Ellen)

I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO DO THAT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! See, that's why I wrote my blog on mascara : ).

Anyway, 'imprinted in the memories' and 'many things we hope we didn't see' really caught MY EYE.

Very nice choice of words…very…clear and glass-like.

BLOG 3. ACCENTS (William)


Russle Peters: *serious tone* Your honor…me and my client…*Indian accent* WOULD LIKE TO PLEAD GUILTY!

Oh and the doritos torstillas *Indian accent* Play.

Despite all the funniness and the mocking, yes. It's like you said-accents represent culture and it's nice "the world joining together, unity of the global village". Very multicultural.

That and I need to get an accent.

Blog 2. Scrollbars (Wendii)

U know…I've always hated scrollbars…until now!! Because I've always failed to conclude that I "now possess the power to view all the information you want in a tiny little box called your 'window'." <= Hehe I like the humor [seriously wow how did u even think of this topic?? amazing.]

Anyhoo…those scroll bars are so colourful too…with their compacting of information…lovely.
I need to get myself those coloured scrolls : ) Mine's too grey xP.

Random Acts of Kindness (Tracy)

Hmm, this reminded me of a movie I watched "Bruce Almighty" (a while ago I know) where Noah's 'Ark' stood for a random act of kindess. Aside from that..this blog is really sweet…all of these things can really change a person's life towards positivity~

Last but not least, this quote…genius.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless."
- Mother Teresa

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