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Wendy's Blog #1 Glasses

GLASSES! I know I know :) I wear them almost every day, and boy do they help. Not only do I get PERRRRRFECT vision, there’s also something called style. The Koreans have distinct thick framed glassware, the Chinese with their thin metal frames. It’s not just glasses, it’s a statement. Sure they might be a hassle sometimes but for the most part, it’s a part of me. Literally.

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Pouyan’s Blog #4 The IMAX Experience

SO TRUE! If they show a space scene, you feel like you’re flying. The intro is sometimes the BEST part. That whirling and swirling pathway is like the journey to … somewhere awesome! And rarely, this extreme mode of dizziness clouds your head and it’s like swimming in a pool of the impossible. IMAX Experience is about the next dimension to movie watching, well aside from 3-D. Now that is awesome as well.

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Ellen’s Blog #5: Tissue Boxes

Tissues to the rescue! A spill, a sneeze, a mess, a wipe… tissues can do the job. They’re just about everywhere. But tissue boxes, ouuu, now that’s something. I ALWAYS have one by my desk. They’re the new and improved toilet paper, now in a box. So convenient! The instant fixer upper! Spills no more with the tissues that come in a box!

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Jenani’s Blog #2 Harmony

Falling rain & sleeping is one harmony no artificial creation can replace. Your blog just made me realize the pouring rain outside.. sigh how I wish I was in bed. The streaks of light from the streets and don’t forget the sound of passing cars, those just ease me into a deep slumber. A repetition of perfect harmony, there really isn’t any other way to put it. A Harmonious Harmony. Well said.

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Sarah’s Blog #3: Having Your Used-to-be-White Shoes, White Again by the Power of Toothpaste

First of all, does this REALLY WORK? That is some fact there. I believe I will be trying that out in the near future. Sadly my shoes might also come in colors of black or pink. And we’ve all experienced that “accident” of having someone step on our newly bought brand new shoes. Be it white or any other colors, that first dirt mark is like an ink spill on dress shirts. RUINED. But to re-white them again, AWESOME! No need to waste money, a expenses free trip to day one whiteness! If it whitens teeth, it might as well whiten shoes. Now there’s something to be said about the power of toothpaste. Ouch?
(Like coke that can clean cars…) Humans sure can take a lot of powerful stuff!

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