Comments by Sasha

Pouyan's blog #3

I think it is pretty cool to think about future and past!!!

In my opinion you never know the trues what had happened in the past 1000 years. Scientists just predict.

And no one knows what will happen in the future, it is always your decision to make. I heard rumors that the end of the world is going to be in 2000, but it never happened. Also, some people are spreading around rumors that something bad will happen in 2012 (something horrible that there is going to be few survivals). Also, sometimes I am wondering if the Earth going to be something like "FUTURAMA" (cartoon series).

Frank's blog #1

You are right about ice cream trucks!!!

The music makes me go crazy, sometimes it really annoys me. When you walk around with your friends during summer and then you hear an ice cream truck coming. I just start looking in different directions to find the ice cream truck and at the same time trying to find my wallet. It is very bad addiction (note to my self: leave the wallet at home). During summer you here ice cream trucks a lot but never during winter (I wonder why??? Hmmm… (JOKING (I do know why!!!) ) ).

Sarah's blog #1

I loved your blog!!! When I was reading it, I was laughing because the pictures that you choose are hilarious.

You are right about babies, when you are trying a lot of different ways to stop them from crying. NON of them are working. Usually I just give up and call someone for help because no matter what I try they still cry. They do not cry quietly, it is more like screaming in your ear very loud!!! I think babies do not like me (do not cry SASHA, there must be a reason!!!).

Tracy's blog #5

I actually never thought that to have a sibling is really cool but after reading your blog I understood. I am really lucky to have an older brother, when I am at home he will always tell me interesting facts and latest cool news. As I am writing this now, my brother is away for a month and I actually miss him (it had never happened something like this before). Thanks to him, now I love things that I never did before. They are: playing baseball, eating sushi, listening to a band called SYSTEM OF A DOWN and probably many more that I can not think of it right now.

William's blog #10

The last thing that will go in my mind is that you like Taylor Swift. I was kind of shocked when I read your blog. But you are right she is really pretty. I never knew her until I heard the song "LOVE STORY". It is one of my favorite songs. I think I can listen to it as many times as possible and I will never get tired of it.

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