1. I really enjoyed one of Feruth's blogs about people's favorite colours. I think it was great because everyone can really to having some fancy or another about a colour. Along with that it personally intrigued me as I share the same favorite colour as her, that being green. The blog really opened my eyes and I've been much more attentive to the sight and search of my favorite colour green.

2. I feel Ellie's blog on pom pom's was very interesting and fun to read. It enduced me to flashbacks of when I was young in school gluing googly eyes to fuzzy pom pom's or even pipe cleaners as arms and creating your own little person. It personally caught my eye because I'm very big on sentimental valeus and really cherish alot of the path taken to get me where I am in life today.

3. Frank's blog on daydreaming gave me such a surge of joy. I love to daydream and just the though of it gets me amped because daydreaming is an art to me. It's like to others your staring into space trying to see pluto but to you your mind is sorting all its files into the appropiate cabinets and allowing you to have some clarity and be alot less of a scatter brain.

4. An entry by William about clean glasses gave me a kind chuckle and a smile ensued. I also get so frozzled when I have poured a cup of fresh water only to see that milk stain in the bottom tainted my glass. So then I thoroughly cleanse the cup about 5-7 times just for good measure and then my date with destiny that being a fresh cup of smooth crystal clear cool water is well underway. A state of timelessness is underway and gulp after gulp the water more freshing disappears to its new role of internal replenishment.

5. I really liked Charlie's blog on Movies in an empty movie theatre. Watching movies anywhere else just isn't as fun yu can never recreate the atmosphere of the theatre itself I guess thats what drives box office sales consistently. And when the theatre is empty and it's just you and a few friends it's like the theatre is someone's house and your just chilling and you have all the freedom. You can talk without being mobbed and you can run around when something that blows your mind happens. It was a great blog and I could really connect to it.

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