Ellen's Comments

Comment on Sarah's blog #7:Waiting Sheds

We cannot deny it, those snow storms and thunderstorms catch us off guard all the time. Especially when you are on the road, a waiting shed is a savior. It's great when you can hide in a waiting shed, away from the wind, the rain, the snow, and just counting every second when the bus is going to come, even when it never comes….

Comment on Frank's blog #10: staying up late

I remember the many times that I drank too much coffee and couldn't go to sleep. It is actually very frustrating, struggling between slumber and excitement. It is a very nice experience to watch the sunrise in the twilight. Actually I have never stayed up for working purposes, it was always caffeine reasons, yet I still end up doing eight hours of work.

Comment on Feruth's blog #3: window shopping

The reason for us all to look at something we cannot possess is probably a way to comfort ourselves. I personally enjoy reading catalogues and flyers. Seeing pictures of nice things or nice food at least partially satisfys the desire to gain possession of them. We all do that sometimes. When we cannot get it, looking at it make us feel better. It's one of the ways we live in this world where we don't get everything we want.

Comment on Tracy's blog #5: having siblings

I am the only child in the family and so I never got to know what having siblings are like. From your blog, it seems that it is wonderful to have them around. The household tends to get boring sometimes with just three people in the family. Like you said, siblings tends to understand you better. Still being the only child have everything to themselves, but it is a wonderful thing to have siblings in your life.

Comment on Charlie's blog #7: Iced-watermelon in summer time

Watermelon is my favorite fruit so obviously I cannot agree more with you that a chilled melon is a wonderful thing. Our family all love watermelon and I remember my grandfather used to buy five huge 20 pound watermelons for a week. In summer, our family main source of hydration was watermelon. It is greatly exciting to see someone who is as fond of watermelons as me.

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