Ellz Bellz

Pom Pom's !

hi theree, hi there..i'm elliee but people call me ellz bellz for fun.. it's kinda cool lol . I was reading a magazine called B-Zone and i ran across an add of Wal-Mart selling pompom's and goggly eyes, you know the usual old school craft supplies for kids. It really brought me back to my childhood when i use to make little creatures out of the pom pom's and add googly eyes on them. I would actually try to sell them at school as decorations for pencils , now that i think about it I i would sell them for like 50 cents each, haha ..i wonder if those people still have them? naaah, i doubt itt…but those pom pom's are still amazing in my eyes . im glad Wal-Mart still advertises those ghetto old school arts-ie stufff.


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