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YOOO WASUUPPP MS. AULEN!!!! and everybody elseee!!
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Megan Fox

In ma opinion, megan fox is the hottest model/celebrity in the world. she is talented and she is also a good actor. She has been in Transformers and she will be in Transformers 2. Megan Fox

Blog #1

Waking up in the middle of the night for a glass of water!

Yo this is my first blog and I’m enjoying it…oh man..this is soo fun..

Isn’t it awesome to drink a cool glass of water in the middle of the night after waking up randomly from excessive thirst? Imagine this: you are sooooooo tired, and don’t even wanna get up, but your thirst cant leave you alone! At first, you get up crankily, tumbling over your school bag. After, you hear your sister in da other room cussing at you for waking her up from her sweet dreams. But, you don’t even give a damn cause you are extremely tired and you feel like you are sleep walking. Second, you don’t even care cause all that matters is that you just drink the whole glass of cold water on your desk. The BEST PART is the feeling you get when da freezing water drifts down your warm throat. It is very invigorating and refreshing. You get goose bumps and get the shivers and wanna go back to bed.

I hope it happens to people who have never experienced it before…it is da BEST FEELING EVER!


Blog #2

Slaughtering spiders in my room!

Since spiders creep me out (the only creature that does), I have a great desire to kill them. They are the ugliest 8-legged beasts god could bring to this beautiful and peaceful world and their webs pisses me off as well. They chill on the ceiling and they stay on the same unreachable spot till morning when I want to go to school. It scares me at night because I don't want them crawling into my bed and then next thing i know, i have digested a spider.

However, I love to tear them into pieces with my handy-dandy mop! Once i see a spider on an unreachable place, i get my mop and then i put the mop on their tiny body. Then i push sooo hard to make sure they are dead. Next thing i notice is that their colorful crap is around my wall, which makes me laugh, but of-course, i clean it up. Then to make sure they are REALLY DEAD, i take a tissue and place the spider on it and i will flush it down the toilet. It is soo awesome and i enjoy killing spiders ALOT….OH SHOOT! I see a spider. Got to go. peace.


Blog #3

Thinking about the past and the future

Sometimes, during my spare time, when I'm extra bored, when I have nothing to do, when I did every possible thing I could do, I like to think about the past and the future. What I mean is that I enjoy thinking about how Earth came into the world and what was before earth? Was there another Earth billions and billions of years ago before this Earth that we are living in formed. Was there a life like this billion of years ago? Are there any proofs that there was another Earth? How bout in the future-Imagine if there is a new Earth after this Earth explodes. After billions of years, another Earth forms with new species, new people, new countries, new technology, new wars and even a new Pouyan! :P
I have no specific and correct answers for any of these questions. However, I like to think about them.

To some people, this topic seems really stupid and boring. Others might think that this guy is a psychopathic freak. BUT, I believe this topic is really awesome and I enjoy thinking about the past and the future.


Blog #4

The IMAX Experience

The only way to get your mind off of anything that is stressing you is to go watch a movie in an IMAX theatre. IMAX theatre is different from a small, regular, boring movie screen. IMAX screen is extended and you can see the movie in a bigger and a more HD view. Oh man, don't even get me started on the sound system; four words: IT IS FREAKING CRAZY! When you go into the theatre, this really creepy woman tells you how many and were the sound systems are located and then the movie starts. There are many movies that you can see in an IMAX theatre but only one genre of movie gets you excited and well into the movie: Action. Movies like Watchmen and The Dark Knight. You see the movie in a really big version and when the movie gets to the action scenes, the sound system make you jump from your seat. It is after all the IMAX experience and watching a movie in IMAX theatre is awesome. I wish Transformers 2 was in IMAX (watching Megan Fox enormously huge :P)


Blog #5

The Wedding

Ahhh, wedding day… time of happiness and joyfulness. However, not just any wedding, my sisters wedding. Wow, it's going to be hell of a day…I don't even know what will happen but i know it will be so much fun. I am one of the groom's-men and cant wait.. There is this Russian chick in the bridesmaids and I hope i get to dance with her!! Thats not all that makes my sisters wedding awesome. Just the entire feeling that i have- seeing my sister in a bridal dress, getting married….
I just hope that she doesn't fall on her face while she is walking up the aisle, since she is always stressed and panicked.
It will be an awesome day and it will be a new beginning to a beautiful and prosperous journey for my sister.


Blog #6

Studying instead of doing other things

Sometimes I think if I should do other things that are time-consuming yet, fun such as, watch TV, go on a computer and play games or go out and hang out with friends and family. But instead, I think to myself and say that studying is more important so I drag myself to do school work even though I want to have a good time. I'm not being a nerd, but studying is actually good since it will expand and enhance my knowledge and will help me achieve good marks. When I have a lot to do, but at the same time I want to have fun, I always choose to do my homework, since when it is time for a test, quiz or a project, I know what I have to do and have a clue about the topic. As a result, I get a superb mark.
Then I think back to the moment when I wanted to have fun and imagine if, for example, I spent my time going to the movies- I realized that I would not be able to achieve such a great mark and I would be disappointed. Therefore, studying instead of doing other things is awesome. HOWEVER, the only time I would choose to do something over studying is on June 24, 2009 (not my birthday).


Blog #7

Swimming competitions

I have so much fun being part of the swim team at DMCI. Not just because of the early-morning practices, because of the exciting competitions. At the day of the competition, our swim team travels to another school and as we arrive there, we change, ready to hit the water. By the way, every school's pool is cleaner than DMCI's and they don't have floating boogers on the surface of the water. Then, the competition starts and as usual, I start to get nervous. I get ready to swim, (and my competitors are sometimes small so there is a bigger chance for me to win) and I go up on the stand where I dive. As I dive, the cold water hits me and I start to swim as fast as I can. Energized and refreshed, I touch the side of the pool and my anxiety fades away to the beat of my heart. Then I look at the result board and I recognize that I happen to be first. Cheerfully and happily I jump for joy.
The entire event is very interesting and becoming first is awesome.


Blog #8

Oscars- Annual Academy Awards

Oh My God…I just heard Hugh Jackman calling my name. No way. This is like a dream come true. I feel extremely overjoyed but, at the same time, anxious. As I get up to go receive my award for "Actor in a Leading Role", I see everyone clapping for me. I start walking and I see Megan Fox sitting on the other side. She was blowing kisses at me. Oh man..my dream really came true. Then I see all these other famous actors/actresses staring at me, clapping their hands. They were greeting and congratulating me. Then I get to the podium. I open my piece of paper where I wrote everything I wanted to say to the audience. My hands were shaking and with nervousness, I started my little speech. I thanked everyone, from my parents to the production crew, who helped me achieve this prestigious award. I felt greatly special and it was the beginning of a perfect "star" life.

What was so awesome about it is that it was just a dream and when I woke up to go to a regular school day, I knew that it was the best dream I had since forever.


Blog #9


Squirrels are amazing and cute. They are so hyper and they jump around from place to place. They have a good sense of hearing too since they start running when they notice someone coming in their direction. When they run, their big, fluffy tail moves up and down. I enjoy watching them eat cause it's really funny. They nibble on their food and eat it as fast as they can with their little front teeth. One summer day, I was at a camp with my family and I went for a swim. Then, I came back and I saw a squirrel leaning against our hand sanitizer with its little, sharp claws. It was looking at me and its posture was fascinating. The baby squirrels are extra cute. They are light brown and very tiny. Damn…I just wish I could grab and squish one so hard that its guts come out…NO, I'm just kidding! Anyways, squirrels are awesome and are one of the cutest animals in the world.


Blog #10

Feeling awesome

One day I was at Super Store and was shopping for food since I love food and I'm hungry all the time. I finished shopping and was waiting in the cash line. I had my iPod with me and I was listening to music. My favorite music started playing and I usually like to listen to music on the maximum volume. So, everyone was looking at me, but I didn't care. Anyways, I noticed the lady on cashier. She was chubby and hideous. Then I observed how harshly she was throwing the poor woman's goods on the counter. Cashier lady did not even help the woman put her stuff in a plastic bag. The woman was stressed- it seemed like she was in a rush, all of her goods were scattered on the counter and she was definitely paranoid since she noticed a long line of people waiting for her. I felt bad for the woman and therefore, provided her with a second hand. Finally, all her goods were in plastic bags and she was relieved. She said, "God bless you son," and I felt awesome that I helped her.
There are many other situations were I felt awesome, but this is one that stood out the most for me.


Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed it.
Wow..you people have no life except for Ms. Allen since she has to read it and since she is da teacher and since she is marking it.
Just kidding just kidding
Thanks Ms. Allen for letting us do this fun and engaging assignment.
Byee Byee.

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