Feruth's Comments

1. William: Blog #9( (Taylor Swift)

Hmmmmmmm… I can see how….deeply you…admire Talor Swi..swi..swi…SWIFT (man that was hard to type). Okay, Okay I'm being serious now. You make it very apparent how much you respect her as a person and not for her looks…It's good to know that not everyone during these very judgemental times don't only care for a person's looks. That is a very valuable quality which a person can have. Good for you!

2. Sarah: Blog #2 (Contagious Yawning)

Sarah I TOTALLY agree with you. Yawning after you see someone else yawn IS a natural phenomenon. Even while just reading your blog, I yawned. CONTAGIOUS! Plus, I like your idea of fake yawning to see if someone else will do it right after you. Tee hee, I just did it to my brother and he walked away…but I saw him yawn! CONTAGIOUS!

3. Sasha: Blog #7 (Waves)

WOW Sasha that's a GOOD one (wish I thought of that)! I think waves are cool too. The way they move looks so elegant, but powerful at the same time. I like they way they sound too that WHOOSH sound is so cool! Haha, I love how you said you tried to get the waves to push you around (kinda like body surfing). You know what, you've just inspired me to try that the next time I see a wave. By the way, you went to Spain last year for a MONTH AND you went to the beach every day? You are L-U-C-K-Y!

P.S Is that picture of the wave from Spain?

4. Pouyan: Blog #2

Whoa, you LIKE killing spiders, and you're saying I'm weird? Now, don't get me wrong Pouyan I do respect that you don't like spiders, but you LIKE killing them? Come on, there not THAT bad, I mean all you have to do is leave them alone, in fact that goes for all wild creatures (including squirrels I know you really like them but if you start pouncin' on them they'll claw at you like your a gigantic nut). Yeah, so don't be so freaked about about spiders man (what if YOU were a spider and you lived in a house with a spider-hating kid who would like to kill you?). Think about that Pouyan. By the way, this blog made me die of laughter tee hee.

5. Tracy: Blog #9 (Season of Winter)

FINALLY, a teenager that likes winter too! I TOTALLY agree with you that winter is the best season of the year! Your friend is right, you can put as much cloth on as you want in the winter but in summer, the farthest you can go is a tank top and shorts (unless your a guy then you could go topless…lucky…). I also agree that winter is SUPER pretty; the snow is so white sometimes it blinds me. AND I agree that you can wear all the cute clothes you want, and guys can wear all the cool sweaters with cool designs! Okay, if I keep going on, I'll only be repeating what you said so…basically I agree with the entire blog. And to all you winter-haters, you'll be weeping when summer stays in Toronto FOREVER (becuase o f global warming!).

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