finishing homework


finishing homework is a very great feeling. espically when you never have to see it again or think about doing it again. everyone hates doing homework… it's a drag just thinking about getting it out your school bag. i have to be pushed to do it by my mom!….and i hate when she does that. but the feeling after it's done is worth it. when you finish a great relief comes over you and you're so happy… especially when you hand it in on time… when i finish homework….which only happens on special occaions..haha… i'm so anxious to hand it in and get my mark, which i hope will be great. But somtimes you hand it in and you get a bad mark… you're kind of upset, but when you think about it you're never going to have to do that work again and go through the crazy screaming mother that wants you to do your homework! so just do your homework and avoid the crazy screaming one!

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