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Hello Everyone!This is my comment page.

Comments on Ellen's Blog #5

OMG! Ellen! I 200% agree with you! That is so right!

Tissue Box. Indeed, they are indispensable. You just can't live without them! Everytime i want to blow my nose and wipe my hands, there is always one tissue box on my table. It is so convenient and so handy. You are right! You just cannot survive without them. It's always there, at the right place and the right time. =D

Comments on William's Blog #5

William, when i first saw this blog, i was like wow you spoke the truth of my heart. =D

That's right. I always, wake up on a Saturday morning feeling it is a school day but realizing it is not. I always suddenly wake up and jump off from the bed all of a sudden feeling it is a school day, but just i am about to sprint to the washroom, i realize it is Saturaday today! I double-check with my agenda and feeling relieved, i drift back to sleep.

Comments on Pouyan's Blog #9

I strongly agree with you Pouyan.

Squirrels are amazing! They are the cuttest animal on Earth in my opinion. I also enjoy watchng them eat. it is so funny and enjoyable, watching them chewing their food can easily make my day, and i believe yours too. =D

Comments on Feruth's Blog #2

You said it Feruth!

Learning facts is fun and cool! Well, not intentionally though, accidentally learning a new fact is indeed a pleasure to have. It does make you feel smarter and you can put it in storage for later use (parading and boosting to a friend when the time's right). Also, during the process of telling others the fact, they may share with you one of their special facts. So you learn one or two new facts! Awsome!

Comments on Tracy's Blog #2

Yes! I feel strongly related with your article!

Giving random acts of kindness is what i do everyday!The list does go on and on. I think it becomes a habit to me. I would involuntarily give random acts of kindness just to make the others feel good and have a nice attitude for the rest of the day.

I hope what you said would come true, that is it would make a chain reaction and make our society fill with love and positivity . If everyone gives a random act of kindness everyday, it would bound to impact the whole society! =D

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