ALL MY BLahG Zuhhh

No I am not a creepy old man that puts others through treacherous next to impossible tests to see if they truly value life because in his eyes they have taken it forgranted. No I'm simply your fellow classmate and maybe to some considered a peer on our website designed to unite us in this internet era by doing blogs for homework. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical at first but this has actually become fun and I'm a little disappointed this 10th blog of mine is indeed my last , probably ever because I can't see a way for me becoming addicted to blogs.

They are fun though and as much as I love to have fun I love playing games more because they are the root of the fun. Whether it's sports with a twist or regular sports, Madden 09/Halo3/or Call of Duty, and even Solitaire or Poker a large portion of my free time is devoted to games. I love that relief from the abundance of homework and assignments. Just as much as I love finding just another way to compete as I am a fierce competitor and thus love the prospect of competition in any form.

Even rock paper scissors which I often use as a tool to decide minor disputes is a thrilling game. For example I was downtown one time at a Madden Challenge with 1000 other people from across Toronto and some from areas around Ontario. I wound up playing against the guy I was in line against and I offered him to be the home team and he said no you then I said "How about we play rock paper scissors" and literally 50 people turned around and one by one gave me daps and said your going to be a great man. Being 14 at the time I just felt astonished and honoured to have so many people impressed by a young man's theory of problem solving.[[]]

But now that I am older and more mature I understand what the entire ordeal was about. Every saw melikely 20-25 the junoir of my opponent directly challenge him to a competition that would solve the issue in the least harmful way possible while also bringing in a game. Games relieve stress and tension as a workout would as I spoke of in one of my previous blogs because they force the mind into a state of high activity which causes emmissions of positive hormones and stress relief. Thats why men play arm wrestling in bars because its a game and a great way to distract the mind from the reality of the stress and hard work neccessary as life ages deeper.

Ell Ohh Vee Eee yes L O V E yes LOVE. I can't say I love love because double positives don't really make sense but I really like love. Love is so versatile so I don't even have to be in a relationship at the time to love. You can love cars, clothes, sports, teams, people, places, animals, and even air.
Everybody loves something and its that which we love that give us identity. Personally I love the Oakland Raiders, Life, Football, Kind People, Being with a group of 5+ people, and working out. It's what we love that will lead us to where we want to go.

In careers if theres anything I learned it was that theres no use in doing something like working at an autodealership because the prospect of money if you're not going to be happy and enthused every single day. We all have passions and if we use the law of attraction to our advantage we can all have careers doing that in which we love.

Well right now its 4:12 on a Saturday and I would love to speak to you more about love but I have to go do what I love to do and thats visit my love and spend time. And remember kids NO GLOVE NO LOVE theres only one way to live and that isn't being a teenager with a kid LOL. I LOVE YOU Good day[[]]

One of the thrilling parts of school that I admire very much is recieving marks. Getting good or excellent really gives a blissful mental tone for what can last several days. And it's a key part of life to succeed and relish in your success but also to remain level headed and realize since perfection can only be achieved on a very slim basis theres always room for improvement. The opposite end of the spectrum for that you should try to refrain from dwelling on a poor performance and be optimistic for future endeavors where you can see how resilient you truly are and possibly emerge two times as successful. From the perspective of a teacher marks have many different implications. A students future depends on how you feel they worked on a certain assignment, but also you have to let them know when they aren't living up to their potential. Teachers play a key role in the growth and maturity of students but also could be more lenient when deciding to pass or fail a borderline student because that one credit can have a world of implications potentially devastating to a students plans. Also a teachers are human so a sense of guilt could develop but sometimes a student just doesn't make the cut. Along with that it's really unknown teachers have a plethora of paper to mark and it interferes with their personal life especially during exam periods with such a short time frame to mark and return. As humans we enjoy being graded and seeing how we size up to others and what attributes we possess,what are strong points are or even for a presentation we can see our memory of lines was good but we figited on stage or didn't have a costume that would really emphasize our character to the audience. All in all I am very fond of marks and I see them as very rewarding whether they reveal a tremendous performance or constructive critism to learn alot from. Marks are TEH BESTEST THING EVER.[[]]

My 2nd thing that i really love is mystery. Dont u find it so fun during the days u dont plan much and everything is a reaction or improvised choice. Well if u don't I do anyways:D:D Because say for example it's christmas morning but during the previous weeks all you did was snoop around when your parents weren't home and peeked at those things wrapped in holiday paper, you wouldn't really cherish those gifts on Christmas morning because you've had a hint or blatant view of what it is and your bodies sense of thrill is extinguished. But if you are not aware of what to expect and branching storylines develop than step by step everytime u uncover a part of your day the emotion you feel is enhanced because the element of suprise. I believe myster is the only reason movies with sequels or Trilogy's work because people want to know what comes next and how can you possibly make Jack Sparrow follow a stranger path that in the 1st film. This is what great directors use to capture faithful audiences and this is what makes my day.[[]]

In prior years i was an avid fan of rihanna music but between her choosing to recreate her Good Girl Gone Bad cd 3 times and a relationship with fellow RnB singer Chris Brown I seem to have lost my sense of faith toward my once favorite singer. But recently upon doing a complete and thorough investigation of myself I discovered the issue was not the fact that she failed to continue a spree of musical masterpiece creation. The issue was that due to circumstances not truly understood but visible enough to evaluate my mind has endured the process of enjoying things on a "What have you done for me lately" basis. That meaning I during my growth and development through teenage years have began to lack sentimental feelings toward music and therefore am no longer appeased by the same songs, voices, or genres as I once used to adore. But I guess overtime I'll eb able to rekindle some sort of spark to my ears when listening to music from the past or more likely enjoy the song more when I forget all the lyrics and thus become incapable of trying to be the person making the music. The 3rd thing I do appreciate regardless is Robyn Rihanna Fenty because regardless of how many times I hear one of her songs I become naive and fail to realize this is not my 1st time hearing it and thus making it my only timeless treasure in music.[[]]

Every single place you look there is some sort of sign. Whether its to state what something is, declare a territory, ask of you an action, or a strange event that you should see as a prelude to upcoming events. Ever just stopped dead in your tracks when walking down the street and glanced at your surrondings only to discover a plethora of signs. Stop signs, Speed signs, Traffic lights, Road signs, Bus posts, etc. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!! But they are great. They give us so much information that you don't even have to think twice before coming to a solution. Your every step can be so instanteous and decisive and you can plot a mental map towards where you're going and at what speed. Now what about those signs that are really screaming at you but more just occurances that aren't really normal but can have serious implications. For the serious religious or superstitious people these acts are divine and are very much intended to be thought about and comprehended and to have an impact on you to the form you change your ways or adapt a new policy to create more positive energy within your surrondings.[[

Okay this blog isn't as serious as the title may indicate but it still gets the point across. Just another thing I love or maybe really like is recieving assistance from a fellow occupant of this planet, or in more basic terms "HELP". Like those times when its a wednesday and you haven't but tap water and ice cubes but your friends parent(s) get paid monday so they have an abundance of stuff, so you don't try to act or feel like a mooch but that thought in the back of your head all day and that grumbling in your stomach that starts roaring loader ever hour persuades you to walk over to their house and say "Hi is (insert good friends name here)". Then once you enter and wait for your friend to finish showering or finish what they started in the bathroom you begin to think how can I possibly say "Yeah I'm madddd hungry do you got anything".

Good news you don't have to they see that look of savagity LMAO well they see your very hungry and look bent out of shap so they say hey man feel free to make whatever you want.

Bad news they shulda used more discretion.[[]]

Have you ever heard the phrase "Skin deep is indeed the shallowest form", well this is actually one of the truest statements ever declared. I recently began an obsession with reading all kinds of materials, basically anything to incite some sort of reaction and I actually learned about reactions. This meaning that through a scientific study at Mcgill University in Quebec, Canada it was discovered physical pain or sensation registers almost instantaneously. While on the other hand emotional pain or sensation takes upwards of 8 seconds to draw from within the body. I figure this to be tremendously intruguing because to most logic it would seem how could there be a difference?. But you cannot argue with fact so just incase you were wondering why you cry 8 seconds after you feel your arm stinging and blood dripping , I'm sure science just answered your question.[[]]

[[]]Just another thing I really love is catching up. The counter is asking people to wait but that's what I feel actually makes it great. Me personally it seemed every single day since February first I was falling further and further and further behind until jus about 2 weeks ago I was struck by lightning(NOT LITERALLY) lmao. But yes I finally felt restored with passion and devotion for everything in my life. Have any of you watched the movie "CLICK" starring Adam Sandler?? Well if you have great you'll understand but if you haven't allow me to grace you with a brief summary of the plot.

Basically a man(Adam Sandler) is desperate to get a promotion and have his life made alot easier so he can take his family on vacation and do all sorts of things. So the night before he finds out if he will be earning the promotion he goes to the local electronics store(sorta like a futureshop) and looks for a universal remote. He finds this mad scientist looking guy in the back who gives him a remote that he can use to control everything around him. So he goes home and he finds out he can mute his wife and so on and so forth. Well anyways he hits fast forward through several different moments and eventually he winds up dead without practically living a day of his life then he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream but he does have to throw away the remote.

So basically for 2 years of my life I was sort of living on a mindstate in which had no real engagement to my environment just sort of going through the day dreaming of where I'd end up. Until I heard a speech one day by some guy named Barack Obama(I think he's gained some notoriety recently no clue why;) )but yes in that speech he said "It is ever about the final destination that is just that a destination, Life and its several journeys are completely about the path taken to reach that destination and all that come with that path, That path defines who and what we are and how we lived our lives." When I heard that at first I was naive because I was still in the same frame of mind. But slowly and surely that speech grew on me until I snapped out of that frozen sort of mind and realized I need to ensure my path and cherish all the moments along it. Not take forgranted the great things there are to be learned. I realized I shouldn't have been looking forward toward a fantasy while I was tripping on the stones I needed to see on the path I was blind to. But now I see and now I intend to prosper and do well. Leona Lewis said it will all get better in time, Barack Obama said its all about the path not the destination, and I say thank you from the bottom of my heart all who waited and maintained faith in me.

I can't even begin to tell you how utterly boring and laggy it feels to be lazy, So I won't lol. I'm going to speak of the thrill of hard work. Everyone knows that there is nothing better than hard work paying off but even just working hard can be rewarding equally. It's actually fact that at the very active portions of the day the body produces hormones which induce happy feelings and stress relief. That's why working out and playing sports is actually not only good for a healthy body and organs but also a healthy mind.

But wait theres more. Doing school work can also be rewarding. Sure it doesn't have the same physical perks as playing a sport but the mind reacts exactly the same. All those math equations seem like the lamest thing to do on earth?, Well they may upon first sight but the reality is that once you begin doing them your mind is getting it's own little workout and every second those happy stress relieving hormones are being put to good use and enhancing your quality of life.

So remember next time you don't wanna do math but instead listen to music to make you happy think again.

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