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Comment on Pouyan's Blog

OMG spiders are so messed in the head.
I love beating them up and slaughtering them LOL
HAHA Good blog I LIKe it! It is ver.. Eww there's a spider on the screen
Got to go
LOL jks

Comment on Brian's Blog

Ya Signs are friggin sick, They have just the
right amount of information for you. They do provide us with so many
facts that you don't even have to think twice before arriving to a solution.
Some signs are friging funny too.
Good job on the blog LOOKS Great

Comment on Ellen's Blog

LoL Google Maps are the best.
When ever I have a place to go to
I just pop in the address in and Poof ITs there.
I can totally relate to you,, The Pre-google
map days were completely pitch black dark
Great job.

Comment on Williams Blog

O god.. ya right Britney Britney Alll the way
Number One For Life!!1111!!! But Taylor is soo Pretty
Shes not that bad of a singer.
How is she better,, no no no,, Britney Spears!

Comment on Franks Blog

Yo Taking a Nap is the Best thing in the world.
Yes! Yes! Yes! It restores me to, Its
just amazing and mine are always 20 to 30 min.
LOL good job on the blog

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