little things are still things lala~:)


Fresh Clean Cups


i opened my drawer for a glass, poured out some water and held it up to my mouth, i was disgusted and dropped the cup right away……GRRRRRR….i hated it when i am trying to drink and i see milk stains on the cup, especially in the MORNING!…it would mean that the stain sat there for at least a WHOLE night! God, i am irrated… there goes my drink…grrrrr..

there just something about milk, i could share a juice more a coke with my friends but it is just milk products i cant
i can't do..its disgusting….maybe it is just me….i just want my glass clean.

now i realize how much i appreciate my mom washing all the glass cups. i would just briefly water my glass while she would rinse them clean…oh god…i probably did this….it was probably me who left my glass rinsed poorly…..never again…

nice cleaning hrystal clear glass would make my day…some weird fetish of mine, liking my glassware shining and clean… i love when a restuarant have clean utensils and plates….with no tea stain….or any colour ring on their kitchenware…oh that would be good….

just a little thing to appreciate……just a thought for a tiny smile :D


Clean, dry door knobs :)


I really appreciate when the doorknob to the public washroom is dry when I exit…every time I reach out to pull the knob and it is dry, I would let out a sigh of relief. I would say, “*sigh* thank god the door knob is dry……”

It just really disgusts me when I try to exit the washroom and the door knob I have to pull on is…like..uhhhhh! I mean, you don’t know what is on it…I mean I could be ANYTHING!..its A PUBLIC washroom after all…. So every time when I use the school washroom I am careful about the door knobs, whenever I feel it dry, I would be relieved…thank you to those who take a moment to dry their hands and keep the door knob clean thank you all to those who doesn’t do anything *stupid* in the school washrooms, god bless you!

Accents are AWSOME(dope), don’t be a hater - Blog 3 Tuesday May 9th 2009


I love it when people have accents, Indian accents, Chinese accents, JAMAICAN accents…lmfao. Many people pick on other who has an accent thinking that they can’t speak English properly. But I like and appreciate accents…I see it as the world joining together, unity of the global village…everyone can be the same, speak the same language, and keep a little of their identity at the same time…

It’s cool to have an accent, comedians do it all the time! Indian accents are funny, Chinese accents too, British accent is just plain SEXY, Jamaican accents sounds good in hip hop!…SEE????? accents are everywhere! Accents are cool, don’t hate, appreciate!..and…and..and GO GET AN ACCENT! .. :D

Blog 4
A Cool Breeze on a Summer Day


Ever walked by a store with its door open on a hot summer day? The temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, you are hot as hell, sweat drops rolling down the side of your face, and the intense heat is scorching your skin wanting to burn you alive. Walking pass the opened door of the store, you feel the cool breeze of air conditioning escaping the door hits you like a refreshing dream. You stand there for a moment, letting the breathe engulf you, close your eyes, lay you head back and let out a long sigh of comfort, “OMG (oh my god), this feels so good…..!”

A temporary getaway from the blazing sun (: …a gentle cool breeze is always THIS good..

Blog 5
Waking up on a Saturday Feeling it is a School Day but Realizing its Not


“OMG(oh my god)!” its 8:10 in the morning and I bounced up from by bed, “I am going to be late, OMG! MOM where are my SOCKS!”…I stand and listen for response and I hear none… looking outside I see no cars passing..the only sound are bird chirping outside…my whole family is still in bed. I smiled, LOL I did it again, its Saturday :)…I turned to my bed, buried my head in my sheets and dozed off again……..zzzzZZZ

I always do that because it is a small reward for me, a little surprise……forgetting it’s Saturday and then and the giving myself the relief that it is!.. a little thing to be happy about in the morning :D

Blog 6


Ever had to yawn sooooooooo bad that you didn’t care where you were and just stretched out your arms and let out your sigh…I sure did…yawning is such a comfortable feeling, I am not even lying…

Yawning is temporary measure of a person’s body to temporarily relieve fatigue and stress…I love how it feels… my body intensifies and flexes every piece of muscle, then slowly retracts the individual pieces gradually…its is sooooo relieving that it feels like heaven…it’s like magic, few seconds and I am good as new
Yawning is heaven…AND is contagious..!..!…spread the love to everyone….it won’t cause you a penny :)

Blog 7

The Shoppers Drugmart Omni Imax EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!


Which ever super ultra amazingly smart person who invented the IMAX is officailly the greatest inventor in my opinion…..i mean….the IMAX..IS …..FREAKING…..THE BESSSSTTTTTTTTTT THING THAT EVER HAPPENED to the world! Major motion pictures in 3D, 360 degress ALL AROUND IMAGING!…HOW CAN THINGS BE BETTER???? (its not a

The threatre brings you 3D overwhelming movie experiences at affordable prices. The semi-sphere dome screen fills you entire sight as if you were insight the movie, the 3D sound systems have 12 sets of speakers broadcasting from different site to set you right into the surroundings. The movie seems so real, as if you were inside of it and characters are walking by your side….it is truly a remarkable experience that not regular threatre OR BLUE-ray DVDs can give…truly truly amazing!

This is an experience that i highly recommend to all of you, a wonderful walk inside the movie that you will sincerely enjoy.

Blog 8



Doesn't it feel good when you do a good deed or a small something for others and others recognize your effort?…i mean…you probably aren't doing to the good deed for the acknowledgement but still, it feels good when your efforts are acknowledged… a small word of thank you shows that your effort did not go to waste, others are gracious of you.

I am always happy when my efforts are acknowleged, knowing that others appreciate my assitance encourages me to do more and give more… others are gracious of me and I am gracious for others. If everyone was to recognize other's effort and just simply say a small word of thank you, we can promote acts of kindness and eventually achieve a harmony that included everyone…it will be a world of peace and love <3

Blog 9

Taylor Swift

OH MAN!….needless to say, Taylor Swift is SOO Sooo SOOO PRETTY. Britney Spear after long years has FINALLY Stepped down as my favorite celebrity (she's now number 3), to take her place is the "oh so pretty" Taylor Swift. She is such a doll….looking at her is the best medicine….. SCREW ADVIL!! GET TAYLOR SWIFT…LOL.

i recently started loving her after i saw her MV "love story" ( song portraying the famous Romeo and Juliet. Her elegance and vibrance in the Mv astounded me…she seemed like an angel.. I really like that fact that she is not attractive in the way that many celebrtity chose, the dirty way; posing for photoshots with lots of skin… Instead Taylor Swift has a nature elegant vibe with chastity that her regal appearence remains undiminished, she is needless os undignified approachs to show beauty. Such conservative appraoch in the entertainment world is rarely and should be respected….i respect her for that…again…lol…i keep saying this ..but…dammnn she is the most elegant person i've every seen.

"laughing is the best medicine"…..seriously????…no

Taylor Swift is… :D30acg1f.png

Blog 10

Singing in the shower

ever wanted to sing aloud really bad but that friend will hear and think you are weird? well….thats what showers are for!…. Singing in the shower is the most relaxing expressive experience EVER!! the water water running through your hair, rolling down the side of your body, the comfort engulfs you and you can do is let your joy out through the means of a song!….LALALALALLA~

none will hear you and said, "HEY! YOU SUCK! SHUT UP!!" an nothing will stand in your way….this is an experience for EVERYONE…singer or not. showering in an exciting time, it gets people all jolly….singing in it is automatic who can resist… i can safely say that no one…i mean NO ONE has never sang in the shower before..

let your discomfort melt away…let your stress ease into the water and down the drain….and LET EVRYTHING OUT through the melody of the song :)

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