man's best fiend


some would say that man's best friend is a dog. but i beg to differ. i think that man\s best friend is the old tube AKA the tv.
first off when you have a dog you have to be responsible….and every one knows us guys are very lazy! dogs may be fun to have around somtimes but what happens when they jump up on your bed when your sleeping and wake you up with a big slobery kiss…..or say you get up one morning from a hard working day and your first step off your bed is into a big pile off dog dukkey! but on the other hand watching tv…..before i even have to explain why its man's real best friend it already sounds better…. tvs are great all you have to do is sit back relax and get ready for a great show. somtimes when you dont even like a show you always have the choice of changeing the channel. now with a dog when you don't like the dog can you just change it?!?…..haha i rest my case.

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