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1) Alice Chen: Blog#7 - Playing Hide and Seek in the Mall

OMG, I can absolutely relate to this blog! I love hide and seek, it's like one of my childhood games that will forever stay with me. Your blog reminded me of a hide and seek game that I had in a mall like when I was 9. The mall was huge and didn't know it at all, but my friends wanted to play hide and seek so I joined anyways. After 5 minutes of hiding, I started to get scared of being alone in the large area with no one, but strangers…….. so I started to cry. Me crying gave away my position to the seeker then I was it, but I was to scared to continue playing and decided to back to my mom and cool down there. So thanks for reminding me of that moment, it was very nostalgic and embarrassing.

2) Ellen Chen: Blog#3 - Buffets

"Hungry minds think alike" I love food, period. The blog summed it all for me and it totally made me hungry……. I appreciate all kinds of food that have taste, flavor, and look fansy. I have a high metabolism, therefore I digest everything I eat very quickly and I use that to my advantage, especially in buffets. Stuffing my heart out until my stomach pukes out all the intakes due to an excessive intake and then some, is truly satisfying indeed. 'fOOd is gOOd', plain and simply. Thanks a lot… now I'm hungry. Gonna look in the fridge…. nice blog Ellen.

3) Yusuf Stanley: Blog#3 - Basketball

Yo, Yusuf….. I feel you man, basketball is a huge part of me as well dude. It's fun to just shot and get the ball in, but it's even more fun when actually playing an intense game. The feeling of when the shot you take goes right in the net and makes that oh-so-sweet sound as it descends through the mesh. Also, due to might 'slight' height advantage, I can great a feeling that not everyone shares, the feeling of stuffing another person's shots and sending them flying, oh man I love that! Overall, I choose basketball first over any other sport because one, I have an advantage, two, "I believe in MAGIC", and three, I am good with my hands…. no dirty thoughts intended. BALL ALL THE WAY!

4) Daniel Estrada: Blog#10 - Consoles

My brother from another mother, sup Mexican (jokes). Hands down, PS3 rules over both Crap-box Too-shitty (Xbox 360) and Pee (Wii). Video games are definitely a guys first approach to the digital world, other television of course. I still remember when I played Mario for Nintendo 64, my first real experience of gaming, ahh…. the good old days… PS3 total brought the gaming world to a new generation and I now for sure that I will rise up to becoming the all time best console in history, other than the N64 of course. Alright, nothing more to add, but to say that pendejo22 sucks at CoD4, jokes man lol.

5) Frank Zhao: Blog#8 - Nap

Please don't say that word, it makes me oh-so sleepy. But I still full heartily agree with the ideas of naps, in fact it should become a law for all students to get 30-60 minutes of nap time. This would be great for me because of the recent load of work left to finish in a weeks time, I lost valuable sleeping time which I REALLY need to get back in track of. Naps are definitely the solution because gradually, I will slowly catchup to all my missed hours of sleep and will be fully back in action in no time. You and I both know that the only way we grow so much is by attaining the right and large amount of sleep and naps only add to that. So, it's little more fulfilling for you and I, don't you agree? Great blog, now…. I'm going to bed.

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