msn is one of the grestes creations today. i love msn because it is a great way to keep in contact with old friends. and the new up grades of msn even have games, so you can basically be entertained for a long time…. you can do everything from talking to playing games. msn is even good for shy people that don't like to talk on the phone. it gives you time to think about your comment. especially if your trying to talk to a girl you have a crush on. If you try to tell her she could flip out…but with msn you can just say someone else typed it for you. On the other hand if she seems alright with it you can move on from there. but if you're on a phone you can't do these things plus you can't talk on a phone and play computer games at the same time so what is better msn or a phone?…………………..MSN!

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