perfect line up to go with a nice hair cut


a good line up is so important! to me its more important then a nice hair-do for a girl! the line up on your hair cut is important like the Eifel tower is to the French……. if your line up is lopsided, your hair cut is ugly. you need to have a good line up. when you have a great line up you just feel so good… you wake up in the morning and wash your face look at yourself in the mirror and just wonder, "who is the beautiful person looking back at you?" you can't have a new outfit and try and wear it and look nice if your line up is not striaght. you look like somone who can't take care of himself…..but back to the pros about a good line up….a good line up is just the perfect thing to go with your brand new outfit that you want to wear and show off. it's so great to have that you often walk past mirriors and stop and look at yourself…just to look at your line up. A perfect line up is the perfect thing to go with any hair cut.

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