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Comment for Tracy's Blog #3

Nice Tracy!!!
I really enjoyed reading it specially your third blog.
I relate to it greatly and when I look at past photos of myself,
I realize how much I've grown and memories of those times come back into my head.
I usually laugh and once, my parents thought I was crazy :( :P

Comment for Nemanja's Blog#7

Laughing is the best thing!!
From business class and careers to Lunch time and after school!
Poker face till the…….you know!!! :P
Anyways…nice blog!!! To add another point, laughing is truly an
excellent cure for unhappiness and depression.
Yo, hope you enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA1NoOOoaNw

Comment for Ellen's Blog#1

Ellen!!! I agree with you.
Season Finales are the best! In my opinion,
they are more interesting than a regular T.V show episode.
My favorite season finale is from So You Think You Can Dance!!!
It is so awesome and interesting but at the same time, scary.
Anyways, it was a very interesting blog!

Comments for William's Blog#3

Bahahahaha!! True yo.
Accents are freaking awesome and hilarious!!
I agree that people with accent are good at English as well.
Some of them might be even more literate than people that have no accent.
Yo british accent is heavenly. :D
Damn..I wish Megan Fox had a british accent.
Then she would have been a goddess!!
Anyways..attractive blog bro!

Comments for Feruth's Blog#7

My favorite kinda weather is SUNSHINY DAY!!
With temperature above 20..NO…25 Celsius!!!
I have no clue how you could
possibly like cloudy weather…
LOL…but I'll respect your opinion.
I liked reading your blog and tune in tomorrow
to find out when more sunny days are to come!!!

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