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Blog #1: May/14/09

Short-Turn Buses!

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Imagine this:

You're standing at a bus stop, already crowded with a TON of people.
It's a hot day, and you really want to get home!
You think to yourself, "i'm NEVER going to get on the next bus." :(

Then, behold!! A bus arrives, but not just ANY bus. It's a SHORT-TURN BUS!!
Practically V.I.P treatment, you make your way through the crowd onto the special bus. Like royalty :)

You see, only certain people are eligable to get on a Short-Turn Bus.
Reason being is because it doesn't travel the normal route its suppose to, so some people can't get on it for their desired destination.

Also, the short-turn bus is almost empty (finally, room to breathe!!), AND you're likely to get a seat!
When less people get on the bus, it travels from stop to stop faster than a normal bus.

To others, this might not seem like such a big deal. But to me, I think its awesome that they have that!
Even today, I went home on a Don Mills 25 Short Turn Bus. I get home faster… alot of times I get a seat… it like exists for MY convenience!

That is why I jump with joy whenever the Short-Turn Bus arrives. <3

Blog #2: May/18/09

Random Acts of Kindness :) ♥

00941rdz 19misc15-lookinafteryou-1.png 22hand.jpg

Giving a friend a present on their birthday… or sending your bf/gf a gift because its your anniversary? Well..
Ever done something thoughtful just for the heck of it? I mean, without them knowing, or "just because?"

Here are some examples:
1. Leaving unexpected gifts for someone deserving
2. Dropping change for the homeless
3. Leaving random notes with a nice message - ("dear ___. i'm glad we're friends!")
4. Give someone a smile :)
5. Even complimenting a classmate!
-The list goes on!

What is a Random Act of Kindness, you ask?
Random acts of kindness are done by a person or group in order to cheer up another individual, usually for no particular reason other than to spread happiness. Isn't that cool?

I think its important because it makes the world a better place. Not only does it help them, you're helping yourself become a better person. Also, being genuinely kind to someone is important, because who knows? They might be having a bad day or going through a rough time in their life, so be NICE! Gradually and hopefully, random acts of kindness will cause a chain reaction, in which our society will be more focused on love and positivity :)

In my experience, I was not having a good day, and I happened to be hungry. Then, a friend of mine randomly gives me a whole pack of cookies! And I was so appreciative :)

It's so simple! Random Acts of Kindness are bound to make someone's day ♥

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless."
- Mother Teresa

Blog #3: May/19/09

Looking At Past Photos

0091ykcr 0093etwt sUntitled-15.png

(Rewind, many years agooo )

"Say Cheese!"
You're about to take a photo of yourself with your hair in a mess, smile crooked, wearing a ridiculous sweater and a weird pose. On top of that, you have on those funny-looking glasses! Camera clicks… too late. You'd soon find the photo posted online, or printed out o:

(Fast-forward to present times)

You're looking through your elementary/junior high school photos and reminiscing, when all of a sudden you stumble upon THAT photo. Yikes, you think to yourself "Why was I wearing that?" or "Was my hair really that bad?" No matter how regretful you are, the photo is there for the world to see.

However, you look on to the bright side..
..and realize, looking back on past photos is quite awesome. It reminds us of our "younger" days, as well as all the good times that were experienced with old friends. Memories of that day flow back to you, and you realize how fast time flies. Everyone is growing up so fast! Not only do you look back on photos of yourself, you see the changes that your friends and family go through too. Have they grown taller? Cuter? Was it like, a transformation from a duckling to a swan? You and your friends giggle at how silly the pictures look, and how different you've grown these past years in terms of hair, clothing, etc. I have had several embarassing photos of myself, but now that I think about it, the photos showed candid, epic moments!

In conclusion, I know for sure we would always look back on the photos and LAUGH - in a good way. :)

"A snapshot keeps a moment from running away."

Blog #4: May/20/09

Sleeping with a Blanket On a Summer Day~

55.png A1.jpg 03amelie.jpg

Okay, some people may think its crazy of me to be covering myself to sleep on a HOT SUMMER DAY.
You're right, how can I stand all the heat with a blanket over me? How do I even sleep?
But personally, I think its awesome to sleep with a blanket during those summer days :)

I guess it depends on people's preferences, but I just can't sleep well without a blanket!
It's so warm, cozy, relaxing, soft, comforting.. okay you get it.
As well, it gives a sense of protection and security!
Without one, it just feels a bit… cold? Yeah, I'm being ironic ><"
A better word to describe it, I guess, could be feeling "bare" without one.
It's just not the same with no cover. Feels like incomplete or something.

I think winter being my favourite season has gotten into me.

Blog #5: May/21/09

Having Siblings!

I loveee my family very much, and I'm so glad and proud to say I have siblings!
Don't get me wrong, an only child has their pros:
They get everything to themselves, and tend to be more independent.
However, I feel that having brothers and sisters is so awesome!

I can always rely on my siblings for help and advice. Besides, who doesn't like extra homework help from people that live in your own house? My older brothers have always been supportive, protective and caring of my sister and I. They're also very loving, funny, and never fail to make us smile on our rainy days. Growing up with brothers has influenced me alot - making me a videogame-loving-girl, and into guy-ish interests such as X-men. Like every other normal family, there are arguments here and there, but in the end we're always going to be there for each other.

And I can't forget my awesome twin sister! :) We like share almost everything together - our room, clothes, secrets. It's cool to live and grow up with someone who is exactly like you (well, almost)… going through everything that you go through, and understanding you most of the time. Yes, there are downsides as well, such as the fact that everything is doubled, and that sometimes people don't see you as two seperate individuals, but as a package or set. However, I think of that as a tiny tiny portion of my worries. I LOVE MY TWINNIE :)

Lastly, having siblings in the household never gets boring. Theres always some sort of story to tell, memories of each other, and good moments around the corner! Also, I can never feel lonely, as I know I can always count on my sister and brothers. <3

Without my awesome siblings, I wouldn't be who I am today. :)

Blog #6: May/22/09

Sales At Your Fave Store! $

b4cajb.png 2460sbl.png 2rmtesl.png

There is nothing better than to find that your favourite store is having a MAJOR sale!!
Giant posters and signs are all over, with awesome messages like "50% off!!!" or "Buy One Get One!"
You freak out with happiness and literally run for your chance at big savings on their items. The store is like pulling you in!
Or sometimes, you're walking in a shop and towards the back of the store, theres a whole like section with stuff on sale! Your heart jumps, and all of a sudden you've got an adrenaline rush of excitement. MUST..SHOP!!

I especially adore it when clothing stores are on sale. You're saving a ton of money, and getting something stylish at the same time!
I definitely learned my lesson when I bought a fall jacket for $60, and it went on sale for $10 within only a few months! :( Grr!
Saving definitely helps to budget and manage money; however, splurging once in a while is alright sometimes too :D

Yes, its crowded when sales arrive, but the trick is to go earlier for a better selection, or grab whatever you see! Besides, doesn't this prove how awesome sales are? :D

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."
- Bo Derek

Blog #7: May/25/09

Tech-free Days…

16783ro.jpg 264swmo.jpg 2e35nxe.jpg

Don't you just love those technology/electronic-free days?
No TV, no computer, no phone, no videogames… nothing technological or electronical.
Okay, if i'm harsh, I guess limited usage (and I mean VERY limited) also counts as a tech-free day too :)

Why do I even think this is awesome? Like, electronics and stuff are practically used everyday!
However, I love it because first of all, you're saving electricity. Secondly, you aren't wasting your time, and third you feel more accomplished! (and im spending my time doing the simplier things in life)

Tech-free days save loaaaads of electricity. You're not using your computer OR watching television, but instead your doing something healthy for the environment (and saving for your electricity-bill!)

Also, tech-free days help you save back your TIME. You aren't spending hours staring at a screen all day or just sitting there being unproductive. I find that it's eating away your life. For example, people that spend hours on their video games is pointless, especially if its been repetitive. And as for a computer.. yeah, its important for schoolwork and entertainment, but we're just watching youtube vids and facebooking all day.. is it really necessary? And when your talking to a friend on the phone for HOURS. Isn't it better to meet in person and go out? Time flies with a blink of an eye, and ya won't even notice it D:

Tech-free days actually make you feel good! From experience, I actually feel like I have more time on my hands, and a lot happier in mood. I feel extremely energized and alert as well! AND I'm not hurting my eyes from staring into a screen ;) Now, you're asking me what I even do during this spare time? Once in a while, it's good to just sit back and actually DO stuff. You know, paint, play the piano, cook, bake, read a book, sing, sew, hang out with your family, playing board games, drawing, and the list goes on for thousands more. Enjoy the outdoors with a nice stroll!!
There's like plenty of more time for friends and family :)

You have the whole day to yourself to do whatever you want, so enjoy it and spend your time wisely!

Blog #8:

Pixar Films!

th_disney10.png woodybuzztexted.png emile2.png

This might be a bit random, but I think that Disney's Pixar, the animation studio, is AMAZING.

Today, I went to watch Pixar's new movie "Up" in 3D. It wasn't the 3D part of it that I liked, it was the movie in general! It had the whole package: a unique, original storyline, funny characters, and it was so touching that it moved me to tears :( Yes, I get emotional in tear-jerking scenes -_-

It isn't just "Up" that makes Pixar awesome. Have you seen their other works?
Pixar has simply done it everytime, never failing to make an excellent movie! I swear the people who work on these movies, like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Wall-E, and The Incredibles are simply talented. I applaud the producers, writers, music directors, and animators for creating these incredible films! Critics and reviews give Pixar movies thumbs up, 4-star ratings, and mostly A's!

The storylines are what amazes me the most. Who can ever come up with the idea of toys that come to life? Or a story about an old man who takes an adventure with a scout, on his house floating with balloons? Or about a daddy fish who searches for his son, and a robot abandoned on Earth? Within the storylines of the movies, there is usually something moving or even sad (I won't spoil anything ><"). However, they are hilarious, sometimes full of action, and do have serious moments here and there. Don't forget about all their original characters! Every movie made by Pixar is just sooo adorable and creative. Best of all, the movies are for all ages - you can enjoy them even if you think you're too old to!

Anyways, I highly recommend watching Pixar's latest movie, Up! Trust me, you'll like it :)

Blog #9:

Season of Winter *

149010.gif 150987.gif 86295.gif

I know that some people are going to disagree with me on this, but Winter seems like the best season of the year - at least for me :) It's actually my favourite season… therefore, I think it's awesome!

Okay, there are its disadvantages; its supperrr cold and freezing, and we have to wear like SO much clothing in order to keep ourselves warm! However, I love winter because first of all, theres a two-week holiday for us! Sure, it's not exactly the 2-month holiday of summer vacation, but it's better than nothing! It includes Christmas, Boxing day, and New Years! Haha, not to mention my birthday takes place during winter too ;)

Also, the weather isn't too bad.. I mean, if you think about it, snow is actually beautiful. It like, blankets and sparkles the Earth with its snowflakes! It's great to live in Canada and experience the winter season. You get to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family; you could make snowmen (or should I say, snow-people), snowangels, and have snowball fights. Can't do that with any other weather condition, now can you? And you're all bundled up in cute winter jackets, hats, gloves, and boots :)

Since sometimes it does get a bit cold, let me also just talk about enjoying winter indoors - you get to drink hot chocolate (yum!). You're all cozy with your warm sweaters and blankets, and you spend time with your loved ones. Snuggling to keep warm is awesome too XD. There are a ton of celebrations, and as already mentioned - Christmas! I always look forward to eating candy cane, giving gifts to others (haha!! wrapping is fun), and the special sales at malls. Then it's New Years, a fresh start and new beginning; the coolness of the air makes it even better, filled with love and a feeling of change..

Come on, don't complain about the winter weather! Embrace it! Besides, it's easier to be warm in winter than cool in the summer. My friend once told me, "In winter, you can layer as much clothing to keep you warm, but in the summer… there's only so much you can take off."

Sigh, back to reality….I sure hope I make it through the heat this summer! :(

Blog #10:


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Who doesn't think music is awesome?

To me, I think that all (okay, almost all) music is great!! Considering that theres a whole variety of music, theres bound to be one that suits each and every persons' tastes! From pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, metal, house, country, classical… they're all simply amazing in their own way. :) Even foreign music is cool.. you don't have to understand the words, the song in general is still good! Besides, music is a universal language <3

Music is essential. For example, if there wasn't any music in a TV show or movie, it would seem kind of boring and bland, wouldn't it? It helps bring out the mood, whether it be happy, sad, angry.. there is always music to match these emotions. When you're feeling down, resorting to music is a good way to cheer you up, and relax yourself. Like for me, when i'm stressed, I listen to House music! I recommend a good house song, "Don't Cry" by "Ituana." Here's a Link!

Everywhere you go, there's music somewhere. Music in the malls, in advertisements, in jingles, and even the ice-cream truck has music! Playing an instrument is definitely awesome too. In addition, it's great when you can actually relate to a song, it's like it was especially made for you! The lyrics are like the story of your life. Meaningful lyrics is a plus!

I especially love indie (independent) music, or like, bands that aren't always so mainstream. They're just so original, unique, and different. And a majority of them have great lyrics, even though they're not so popular! One of my all time favourite artists/bands is Metric! Here's a song.

I definitely think that one needs some sort of music in their daily lives. Music can be inspiring, is a great hobby, and there's just so many kinds of it. It can never die, as music is always evolving.


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