In prior years i was an avid fan of rihanna music but between her choosing to recreate her Good Girl Gone Bad cd 3 times and a relationship with fellow RnB singer Chris Brown I seem to have lost my sense of faith toward my once favorite singer. But recently upon doing a complete and thorough investigation of myself I discovered the issue was not the fact that she failed to continue a spree of musical masterpiece creation. The issue was that due to circumstances not truly understood but visible enough to evaluate my mind has endured the process of enjoying things on a "What have you done for me lately" basis. That meaning I during my growth and development through teenage years have began to lack sentimental feelings toward music and therefore am no longer appeased by the same songs, voices, or genres as I once used to adore. But I guess overtime I'll eb able to rekindle some sort of spark to my ears when listening to music from the past or more likely enjoy the song more when I forget all the lyrics and thus become incapable of trying to be the person making the music. The 3rd thing I do appreciate regardless is Robyn Rihanna Fenty because regardless of how many times I hear one of her songs I become naive and fail to realize this is not my 1st time hearing it and thus making it my only timeless treasure in music.[[]]

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