S.O.S. HELP!!!

Okay this blog isn't as serious as the title may indicate but it still gets the point across. Just another thing I love or maybe really like is recieving assistance from a fellow occupant of this planet, or in more basic terms "HELP". Like those times when its a wednesday and you haven't but tap water and ice cubes but your friends parent(s) get paid monday so they have an abundance of stuff, so you don't try to act or feel like a mooch but that thought in the back of your head all day and that grumbling in your stomach that starts roaring loader ever hour persuades you to walk over to their house and say "Hi is (insert good friends name here)". Then once you enter and wait for your friend to finish showering or finish what they started in the bathroom you begin to think how can I possibly say "Yeah I'm madddd hungry do you got anything".

Good news you don't have to they see that look of savagity LMAO well they see your very hungry and look bent out of shap so they say hey man feel free to make whatever you want.

Bad news they shulda used more discretion.[[http://www.lastchanceministries.com/_images/hurricane_ivan/sos_island.gif]]

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