Every single place you look there is some sort of sign. Whether its to state what something is, declare a territory, ask of you an action, or a strange event that you should see as a prelude to upcoming events. Ever just stopped dead in your tracks when walking down the street and glanced at your surrondings only to discover a plethora of signs. Stop signs, Speed signs, Traffic lights, Road signs, Bus posts, etc. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!! But they are great. They give us so much information that you don't even have to think twice before coming to a solution. Your every step can be so instanteous and decisive and you can plot a mental map towards where you're going and at what speed. Now what about those signs that are really screaming at you but more just occurances that aren't really normal but can have serious implications. For the serious religious or superstitious people these acts are divine and are very much intended to be thought about and comprehended and to have an impact on you to the form you change your ways or adapt a new policy to create more positive energy within your surrondings.[[]]

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