Wonderful things in life

Blog #1: Season Finales

It's the one you've been waiting for…
All the anticipation, all the excitement, all the suspence…
Lead to the one final episode of the season…

A season finale is the end to an era, an end to nights and nights of faithfully guarding the tevevision. For the loyal viewers, the finale is what they anticipate since the first episode. From reality TV to crime drama, the finale is always its most splendid moment. It is the one episode you cannot miss. It's where the secrets are uncovered, where the winners are declared.

To the viewers however, there is much dilema. One side they want to see the result, on the other side they lament that they will no longer see their favourite star. Then we learned, everything must come to end, so make the best of it. It is not the beginning that makes a success, but the end.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will die? Who will live?

In the end, finales arouse hope rather than lament an end.


Blog #2: Reward Points

Fido Dollars, Optimum Points, Bestbuy Rewards…..

Every major retailer are launching their own reward system. As customers, we are loving it. Every time a purchase is made, reward points are given. Once they are saved to certain amounts, rewards are given. Everytime we get the receipt, we check if we have enough rewards to redeem for a price. It is the satisfaction of saving and being rewarded. It makes us feel valued. In turn, we learn of saving for a goal and achieving it.

Reward points are a nice perk for customers. In a world where we don't often get rewarded for our efforts, reward points in a way make up for that. Knowing that we are accumulating points every time we hand over our cash makes the "hand it over" part earsier. While the big companies stuff themselves with bonuses, at least they know to give something back to the customers, even if it is to make us buy more.


Blog #3: Used books

The pages are dated, but the words are not lost

Do a bit of math, an average book cost around twenty dollars, normally two to three centimeters thick. To fill up my five-shelf book case, how much money would I spend? If I filled my bookcase with those twenty dollar new books, I would be bankrupt by now.

I have been baffled by a strange case of sociatal economy: if a twenty dollar book is kept for a few years, it becomes deflated to a few dollars. Then I thought about it, it is understandable. People like to buy new books. After a flipping the pages a few times, it loses its shine, so it loses its value. Apparently, a book's value is directly proportional to its shininess. The truth is, a book's value should be determined by the words printed on its pages.

No matter how old the book is, the message behind its words lives on.


Blog #4: Buffet

A joy in life, all you can eat…

The dishes, the delicacies, the endless choices

No need to order, no need to decide, most of all, no need to wait. All there is to do, is fill your dish with all the food you can eat. The golden rule of buffets: all you can eat. It is superior to the conventional ordering at a restaurant. While you are ordering, you are secretly doing the mental math of how much you are going pay. In a buffet, one price covers all. The endless choices all fully displayed, tempting you until you admit defeat with a full stomach.

A buffet is a food lover's heaven. It is a place without worry, without regret, without doubt. Everything one can ever want, beautifully displayed, free for you to pick and choose. It is a feast comparable to no other. Once in while, throw away life's stress, head into a buffet, eat, and be merry.


Blog #5: Tissue Boxes

It was there when you cried, it was there when you laughed

It was there when you were sick, it was there when you are well

There is always a tissue in that tissue box when you needed it. Whether to cover the nose, or to wipe the table. The tissue box always dutifully dispenses a perfect sized tissue, soft to the touch.

From personal experience, I have learned that one could not survive a cold without a tissue box. Chains of sneezing or runny nose would end tragically if the tissue box was not there. Even though it has no medical effect in any way, you just can't live without a tissue box.


Blog #6: Calculators

Punch in the numbers, and hit enter, the beauty of using a calculator

If it was not there for you, how many math tests would you fail?

Calculations that takes hours on paper now can be done with a portable, versatile hand-held calculator. Now we don't even need to memorize the multiplication table if the calculator was by our side. Gasp, try spending months memorizing the trigonometric table…

Imagine, a life without calculators. Yes, how will we survive math class? Not only that, the calculator is the ancestor of the computer. If there was no calculator, there would be no computer.

Now, let the horror sink in….


Blog #7: Google Maps

Freedom from crouching over a map
Freedom from hopeless asking for directions
Finally, us no-sense-of-direction travelers have a salvation!

The pre-Google Map world was dark, lost and confused. We have no idea where 1857 Random Street is, nor do we have a clue where the next meeting is going to be. Google Map made all of that possible. It convenient pinpoints the location of virtually anywhere. So where don't need to spend two hours reading a map that won't get us anywhere.

To find a place virtually anywhere in the world, all that is needed is to type in the address and wait for Google Maps to find it. What is even better, it gives directions on how to get there.

Now for all of the I-have-no-idea-where-this-is people, Google Maps points the way!


Blog #8: Comments

From them you know your work is appreciated
From them you learn to improve
From them you feel accomplished

When someone shares their thought, their feelings, their experience, with what you have wrote or said, it is a great feeling: knowing you are appreciated. Comments from all sources, either on the web, from friends or from teachers, guide your directions. Other's comments are a mirror to judge yourself, to see the things you cannot see by yourself.

Sometimes they are criticisms, sometimes they are praises. No matter what they are, you know your work impacted someone else.

Thanks to everyone who have made comments about my blogs.

Blog #9: Printers

Every word, perfectly printed ,with definite precision
Every color, beautifully finely projected, on to the blank screen
Every number, precisely presented, shares its infinite wonders

Each drop of ink, assembles to convey the author's words, pictures and shapes. Computerized technology gives us the power, to create every word the same, yet also enables us to be creative, with art, with words. A printer may only serves as a feedout for those means of knowledge yet it is an outlet for our self-expression.


Blog #10: Eyes

A deep sea of secrets, a window to the heart
Impetuous fire, ice and desire
Keys to the mind, the masks your wear

A world without eyesight, a world of perpetual darkness. We are blessed the a pair of eyes to witness the world in its full splendor. Our eyes are the windows to our heart. With them, we witness the world's good, the world's evil, and every element of life.

Life's joy, life's sorrow, life's splendor, life's mares, are all perceived by the eyes, imprinted in the memories. Many things we wish we had witnessed, many things we hope we didn't see.

Yet our eyes, vividly portray our world, so we wouldn't live in darkness.

Eyes guide us, in our life, on our path.

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