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1. Java chip frappuccino at Starbucks.

No one can resist the perfect frappuccinos from Starbucks. No matter the occasion, when I see a Starbucks I will pan-handel for change, then charge in there and place my order. Let's face it, who doesn't like java-chip frappuccinos from Starbucks?

Coffee is the perfect caffeinated wake-up call, and everything is just extra special with chocolate. For those hot summer days, or even the winter craves, one can never go wrong with a frappucino. When the world is upside down, and everything is grey, this simple drink with whipped cream will tranquilize my world.


2. Quirky Words.

Dictionary.com allows users to subscribe to "words of the day." Everyday in the morning, I get a little email sent to my cellphone enlightening me with a new word. Today's word is, redivivus - an adjective that describes living again; brought back to life; revived; restored.

I just smile at the discovery little quirky awkward words that one rarely encounters. When conversing, it's so much fun to pop out a few unusual words. Not so much to appear smart (though that is a bonus) but just to make a sentence sound interesting. As well, when reading "words of the day" you often find that perfect word to describe your mood or attitude that you could never place.

I mean, I always hated saying "Ohs I mean like, you know like…"
Now, with a word a day, that "like" one often uses become a real word ;D

3. Chick-Flicks

Chick-flicks, I can never fathom why males don't enjoy chick-flicks. One can deem it to be materialistic and pointless but no! Chick-flicks are the imaginary life every girl wants. ;D Of course as the star of the show, not the lovely sidekick best friend who ends up with the "geeky nice boy." Chick-flicks just makes me smile, despite the cheesy cliched plot that one can guess within the first five minutes of the movie.

Who can forget the classic line from Mean Girls, "it's not my fault I have a double-wide vagina with heavy flow." You can call it gross, but it's the one line everyone remembers. Chick-flicks gives surreal happiness to our rather pessimistic world. I'll admit, new girl in school defeats popular cliques and wins quarterback's heart is perhaps the most overused plot ever. But that's what we like, underdog coming out on top ;D

Despite chick-flicks are close to impossible to play out, nonetheless it's a perfect guilty pleasure for some smiles.


4. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Instant messaging and texts serve as primary communication for teens globally. However each time I receive an IM or text I can't help but cringe at the spelling mistakes. I hate having to stare at the message for first minutes just to interpret what was being said. God bless all the people out there, who decide to take their time to punch in an extra few keys to form the correct spelling and a grammatically correct sentence.

When a friend is typing me an emotional gush about her problem, or a simple hello, I would always smile if the spelling was correct. Saves me time to read, and upon typing homework, we don't need to bombard teachers with "u, lol, sup."

5. Exclamation marks!

Why don't we ever use these anymore? Writings today are just filled with dull, boring periods, commas and question marks. How do we get the sense of happiness or excitement anymore? Heck, just look at my blogs I don't think I've used a single exclamation mark yet! (Until now!) Exclamation marks are just bursts of happiness! It almost seems like I'm shouting this whole paragraph, but I just love exclamation marks!

When reading dull paragraphs, it's always fun to see exclamation marks because they do "brighten" the mood. Now let's all go type some messages and end them in exclamation marks!


6. Cold-side of the pillow.

Perhaps I'm paranoid, or OCD but every night when I go to sleep I feel the need to flip my pillow. Nothing feels better then coming out of a shower and finally crawling into bed, laying your face on a cold soft surface. Who wants a warm pillow that's all warm from the hours of sunshine it has absorbed, because your mother insisted on opening up the windows?

When coming out of a hot shower, you crave for a burst of cold air. When going into bed, all you want a cold pillow to lay on, snuggled under your blankets trying to stay warm.

7. Profanity

Despite it is not a good habit to use on daily basis. Sometimes, you can't help but simply say fuck. The simply four lettered word can convey so much meanings and emotions behind it. In fact, as I'm typing this entry, I'm saying the word. I must encourage you to try it, because it is fun and easy to say. The word simply "flows."

If you really think about it, by adding suffixes likes - ed, ing, er. The word can pretty much replace alot of adjectives. It portrays anger, surprise, happiness, excitement and fear. Though it is looked down by society, the word is nonetheless the favourite in the vocabulary of most.

8. Cyanide and Happiness

These simple cartoons are sure to make anyone smile, despite some days the comic may be inappropriate. The simplistic cartoons are rather iconoclastic, often attacking popular beliefs and ethics. Sarcastic attacks on the supposed "fundemental values" of society is my favourite form of comedy.

One may claim the humour to be offensive, however all form of comedy are offensive. It just depends of the scale of the audience it may offend. Cyanide and Happiness is by far one of the best current events comic.


9. Ice-cubes.

Whoever came up with the idea of ice-cubes can be my new best friend! Ice-cubes are the most convenient "tools" ever. If you look at it from an environmental aspect its a dual-use resources so very Eco-friendly. I can honestly say, I've never had a glass of pop without adding ice-cubes even if the drink is cold to begin with. Ice-cubes serve as a cooler, a decorative element and a food!

These little cubes of frozen water are indeed a nifty tool. First when placed into a drink, they immediately change the temperature resulting in a refreshing taste. As well, when the cubes are simply floating in the cup, it's fun to watch. When your drink is done, you just chew the cubes up!

How much fun is that?


10. Paul Walker

Now since a lot of other people have put up attractive people, no shame in me putting down my own advertisement. Paul Walker makes me happy, there isn't any profound reason for why he makes me happy, He makes me happy, simply because he's attractive - who doesn't like a good eye candy?

Despite I said there isn't any profound reason. Paul Walker is still a very good actor, doing stunts of his own through out the Fast and the Furious series, aside from that he's an activist of many humanitarian group.

Though the bottom line is, I just simply love looking at him.

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