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Response to Ellen's Blog #4:

Hey Ellen :D

Omg I loved your blog about the buffets, and I totally agree with you. They are awesome!

You're right, about how you can eat as much as you want with ONE price. I hate doing mental math and trying to make sure you don't over-order. Best of all, you don't have to wait. You just get up and grab whatever :) Like a personalized dish! Their choices are definitely endless, like you said. They have so much variety, even their choice of desserts!

I am a food lover, and your blog reminded me how amazing buffets are. I need to head to a buffet soon!!

Response to Wendy's Blog #1:

Wendy~ :)

Woops, I'm one of those ungrateful people that complain about my glasses D:
But not anymore; after reading your blog, I realize how important my glasses are to me :) I agree, without them I'd be living in a blur, not being able to really see the world around me clearly. After all, glasses are important in everyday life. I need them to see the board, read, watch TV, and the list goes on.

Sometimes it feels kinda embarassing to wear my glasses when I'm out and about… but I think i'll come to get use to them. Like you said, there are so much designs, I think i'll find one that I can officially wear 24/7. Besides, I hateeee not being able to recognize people that are 2 metres away from me. I'm not ignoring them, my vision just sucks :(

Response to Pouyan's Blog #2:

Hey Pouyan :)

LOL that picture you posted of the spider is really scary.. eww haha.
Anyways, your blog was hilarious. The way you described the process of killing spiders was kinda funny; like, your handy-dandy mop, and their "colourful crap." And I also like how you ended the blog :) But in all, I can totally relate.

For example, the same "unreachable" spot till morning part - ugh I hate that! It's like their just sitting there in a corner, not even moving.. what the heck are they doing up there? Anyway, I know it's cruel to kill them, but we can't help it ><" They're just so icky. You're brave to be able to get rid of them on your own. I like, can't do it. I tell my brothers to do it, or my mommy D:

Response to Frank's Blog #2:

Hey Frank :)

I can sooo relate to you about the last merchandises. I especially like it when there's only ONE article of clothing left, that happens to be in your size! Anyways, the feeling you described when one finds the last merchandise is funny, like the "smugness" and like GRABBING the last item. And the "gazing cheerfully at you" part is so cute :) It's like the last one you spot is sitting there, awaiting you to purchase them and take it home.

Haha, yes the last step is soo true! I always double check it to see if there's any problems with the product, just in case. Since you know, it's the last one in a random place.

Response to Grace's Blog #6:

Hey Grace!

Omg, your blogs are hilarious!!!
I was going to do one on mascara too (haha see aquarians think alike!).
I totally agree with you, mascaras are amazing, especially for people with really small lashes :( They help make people's eyes appear bigger, and they come in different colours! Like, I have a purple one at home and its awesome :D

I loved how you described everything, from the bat poop to the chemical X from powerpuff girls! Hehe your so cute. But seriously?? It comes from fecal matter? :( That sucks. Oh well… i'll pretend I never knew that ;D

Response to Nemanja's Blog #7:

Hey Nemanja,

I agree with you that Friday's are awesome! I always look forward to it, and it's like the best weekday! You don't have to work on your homework because you know that the next day isn't even school, so you can finally take a break and relax on a Friday night :)

LOL I use the term TGIF! There's like no other saying for any other days of the week, meaning Fridays are special :) You're right, it's an opening to the weekend!

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