Unnoticed Wonders

Blog #1: Glasses

Listen to all those ungrateful people complaining about how they have to wear glasses; have you ever stopped to think about what glasses provide you with? They give you PERFECT vision. Imagine all those people who are near-sighted, without their glasses they would be forced to spend each and everyday of their lives in a foggy blur. They will never be able to experience the wonders of window shopping or bird watching to their fullest.

Isn't it just amazing, how 2 pieces of glass in front of your eyes can make your whole world change? You wouldn’t ever need to squint, or strain your eyes ever again trying to see what's right in front of you.

ALSO, glasses come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, colour, texture, and special abilities. You can match them up with any accessory you have, shoes, clothe, earrings. You can even have your name caved in it, or make it shine with rhinestones. Best of all, some glasses have the ability of protecting your eyes from the sun by turning into shades when you need them.

Glasses are AWESOME, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. =D


Blog #2: Scrollbars

Scrollbars are one thing that I find absolutely astounding. They are wonderful for displaying massive amounts of information in a tiny compact area. Despite their importance, we often take scrollbars for granted. Admit it; we just expect them to be there when the need arises.

Just think, what if we didn't have a scroll bar on our internet browser? We would have to flip from one page to the next and to the next. Then there's the time that takes it to load. I don't know about you, but my internet is super slow, and it drives me crazy when the loading bar moves so slowly and then freeze.

When there's a scroll bar, you wouldn't have to worry, everything is already loaded and ready for you to explore. With a simple, Click & Drag, you now possess the power to view all the information you want in a tiny little box called your 'window'.


Blog #3: Finding Something You’ve Lost For Years

The vague memory of that favourite toy, or favourite shirt that is now not in your life. You can not recall where you last saw it, or when you last used it. The thing that ran away with time.

However, one day, while cleaning out your ancient closet, or that abandoned fortress you call your attic, you just so happen to come across that favourite old shirt or toy again. That rush of confusion, excitement, and happiness that run through you as you stand there and stare at your long lost friend, thinking this is all a dream.

BAM! You snap back to reality. With gurgling happiness inside you just ready to explode, you rush outside and once again, indulge yourself in that nostalgic activity you once shared with it so long ago.


Blog #4: Rain

Splitter, splatter, splitter, splatter, music to my ears. Ok, I confess I’m one of those odd people who love the rain! Rain is an extraordinary thing, it does not only appeal to one of my senses, but three!!! How? Well time for me to explain.
The majority of the population on this planet dislike rain, because you end up being cooped up inside playing with boring old board games. Oh, forget about board games, the BEST thing to do during a rainstorm is SLEEP. Yes, that’s right, sleep! You must be thinking, are you CRAZY?!? How can you sleep with so much noise outside? Well, the truth is, I find the sound of the rain very soothing, it’s almost like a soft lullaby. Remember all those dark, gloomy, cold mornings where you just don’t want to get out of bed, it’s probably because of the rain.
As well, I love the fresh smell of nature after it rains, if feels like the world has once again been cleansed of all the human pollution. The tingling sensation of a new beginning, that makes you want to just stand still and inhale as much air as you can.
Not only does it smell good, rain can create the most gorgeous thing visible to the human eye. The rainbow! Admit it, without rain there would be no rainbows, and without rainbows, there would be a lot less happy faces on Earth.


Blog #5: Dreams

Scientifically, they say dreams are just a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. But is that really true? Dreams are portals to many different dimensions in the world. They distort reality, expose you to your greatest fears, and bring you unimaginable happiness. In dreams, you can have super powers, you can fly to far away lands, speak 50 different languages, read peoples minds, and many more. Dreams are able to bring back the dead, and allow to posses that one special item or person that you have lost or never gained. It has the power to bend time, you can fast forward, and rewind; dream about the past, present or future.
Best of all, it’s free ticket to happiness! All you need to do is close your eyes, relax, and you will effortlessly drift off into your sweet reverie.


Blog #6: USB

Not all may agree with me on this one but, from my 2 years of experience in Cyber, I have found that my USB is my LIFE. Without it, I would be a soulless corpse wandering the halls of Don Mills aimlessly. It’s amazing the amount of things it can hold and how portable it is. It keeps all the work that I have for all my classes in a 1.5cm by 4cm rectangular prism! It saves me so much energy; just imagine I can carry a 300 page text book in my USB, which weighs probably 30 grams opposed to carrying an actual hardcover textbook, which is old, gross, and HEAVY. No wonder the generations are getting taller each year, less backpack weight =D. USBs are definitely one of those legendary great things that come in a small package, absolutely AWESOME!


Blog #7: Sunsets

You may be wonder why I only said sunsets and excluded the sunrises when they’re practically the same thing. Well to me there is a HUGE difference. To me the sunrise feels like a new beginning, don’t get me wrong, I like new beginnings, but that also means that it’s a another day of school or for some of us work. Another day to get more work, to do more chores and get yelled at. So boring, just going through the daily routine.
Sunsets are different! They mark the end of the day, when you finally get to relax, go home and rant (yes, now it’s your turn to complain) about all the things that have happened during the day to your friends and family. Then after that, you finally get the rest and SLEEP you so rightfully deserve.


Blog #8: Baths

You are exhausted, sweaty, sticky, and gross. You don’t feel like doing anything, you don’t even want to drop on the couch because you are so disgusted with yourself. Then you hear the water running, you subconsciously follow the sound and find that your mom, dad, spouse, or SOMEONE who has graciously started a bath for you. The temptation of the hot steamy water and the soft rising bubbles, that you no longer can suppress. SPLASH~ You feel every tense muscle of your body loosening as you emerge into the water. The best part of taking a bath is that you are doing nothing and yet, technically, you are doing something (taking a bath) which means that you are not wasting time and being “productive”.


Blog #9: Love, Hate

Love and Hate, 2 things that are totally different and yet the same. Love is a strong emotion, so is Hate. When you love someone, you watch them, when you hate someone you also watch them. Love is has the power turn to Hate and Hate can be turn to Love just as easily. To me they are the same thing. Just like every thing else in the world, there is always the positive and the negative. They say that you have to learn how to Love before you Hate, except, I think that when you learn one of them you automatically learn the other. Love drives you to do unimaginable things; Hate drives you to do indescribable things. Just like a coin that has 2 sides, Love and Hate are just one coin except on separate sides. If there was a matchmaking contest with emotions, Love and Hate would be perfect for each other. The 2 strongest emotions, strongest words, the best/worst thing you can say to a person and the emotion (not plural) that makes the world go round.


Blog #10: Photo Albums

The funny thing is, I’m a person who loves looking through photo albums, but I resent getting my photo taken. Why? It’s because I’m one of those people who can never find that perfect smile or pose when the camera clicks. It’s quite sad, however I do enjoy laughing at myself afterwards =).
Whenever I open my old albums a nostalgic atmosphere burst out from it. Looking at all the photos reminds me of all the silly things that I did when I was a kid and even now. Remembering all the moments I’ve shared with my family and friends. Photos are especially precious when the person in the photo is no longer by your side. The photo becomes the last remaining presence of the person.
Photo albums reflect your life, it tells a story, your story. When you see your past photos you looked at it and wonder, have I grown older? Taller? More Mature? The transformation of a little baby to a old grandparent. Photos have the power to stop time and capture it. When you have enough pictures of your life, you can put the pictures together in a photo album and once again let the clock tick again, as your eye goes from one photo to another, retelling all the events that have taken place in your life. So the story begins “Once upon a time…”

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