[[http://gtn-h.unh.edu/images/explorer/wait.gif]]Just another thing I really love is catching up. The counter is asking people to wait but that's what I feel actually makes it great. Me personally it seemed every single day since February first I was falling further and further and further behind until jus about 2 weeks ago I was struck by lightning(NOT LITERALLY) lmao. But yes I finally felt restored with passion and devotion for everything in my life. Have any of you watched the movie "CLICK" starring Adam Sandler?? Well if you have great you'll understand but if you haven't allow me to grace you with a brief summary of the plot.

Basically a man(Adam Sandler) is desperate to get a promotion and have his life made alot easier so he can take his family on vacation and do all sorts of things. So the night before he finds out if he will be earning the promotion he goes to the local electronics store(sorta like a futureshop) and looks for a universal remote. He finds this mad scientist looking guy in the back who gives him a remote that he can use to control everything around him. So he goes home and he finds out he can mute his wife and so on and so forth. Well anyways he hits fast forward through several different moments and eventually he winds up dead without practically living a day of his life then he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream but he does have to throw away the remote.

So basically for 2 years of my life I was sort of living on a mindstate in which had no real engagement to my environment just sort of going through the day dreaming of where I'd end up. Until I heard a speech one day by some guy named Barack Obama(I think he's gained some notoriety recently no clue why;) )but yes in that speech he said "It is ever about the final destination that is just that a destination, Life and its several journeys are completely about the path taken to reach that destination and all that come with that path, That path defines who and what we are and how we lived our lives." When I heard that at first I was naive because I was still in the same frame of mind. But slowly and surely that speech grew on me until I snapped out of that frozen sort of mind and realized I need to ensure my path and cherish all the moments along it. Not take forgranted the great things there are to be learned. I realized I shouldn't have been looking forward toward a fantasy while I was tripping on the stones I needed to see on the path I was blind to. But now I see and now I intend to prosper and do well. Leona Lewis said it will all get better in time, Barack Obama said its all about the path not the destination, and I say thank you from the bottom of my heart all who waited and maintained faith in me.

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