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Response to Shirley‘s Blog #8:

Hey Shirley =D;

I absolutely agree with you on the traffic lights thing. I’d have to admit I’m not a very patient person XD. It is extremely frustrating when you are in a hurry and the traffic light stops you. I find that if you get one red light, it its very likely for you to be stopped at the rest of the stop lights on the way. Or that might just be me, bad luck I guess =P.

Response to Frank‘s Blog #8:

Greetings Frank =),

I remember when I was in kindergarten we would always have nap time, the one thing that I hated most. Why? Well I found it a waste of time. Why sleep when I’m perfectly energized to play? HOWEVER, now it’s a totally different story. After pulling all nighters and working hard on summatives, taking a nap is like the most magnificent thing you can do =).

Response to Tracy‘s Blog #6:

Hey Tracy =D,

Haha, that quote on the bottom of your blog really made me laugh, it’s so true though. Shopping does bring happiness, especially when you have big sales at your FAVOURITE store. I mean with the same amount of money you would have spent on one shirt, during the sale you could probably buy 2. And that, is truly AWESOME~

Response to Ellen‘s Blog #6:

Hi Ellen=),

During math class, calculators are me LIFE, without it I’d be completely lost. However, I think the calculator is also making me stupider and stupider as my life goes on. I’ve become so dependent on it that I probably can’t even do a simple multiplication question without it anymore. Unfortunately, I heard that in grade 12 you are forbidden to use calculators in math class. Guess that’s a BIG uh-oh for me =S.

Response to Nemanja‘s Blog #1:

Hey Nemanja =D,

Yes, yes, we all know that coke is bad for you, well so is coffee. The funny thing is that coffee makes me SLEEPIER, so guess who my best friend is when I pull all nighters, COKE! Coke makes me more hyper so it gives me energy to do my work. Coke is also a replacement for many things for me, like coffee, candy, alcohol, etc. That’s right! I’m a “COKEAHOLIC”

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