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1. Pouyan Practise Blog (Megan Fox)

OMG pouyan…when i saw this I HAD TO COMMENT….it didn't matter whether if it was a short practise…

ME..GAN…..FO….X iiiss……the…….most…hot hot hot hot hot ….super ultra HOT HOT celebrity EVERRRRRRRRRR…
omg i absolutely relate to this blog because i feel strict the same way. dammnn…got meagan fox stuck in my head..why can't she be in our sschool….GRRRRRR life sucks eh popo? ):

i never realized how hot she was until i watched transformers for the 4th time yesterday…the hottie is INSANEEEE!!!…needless to say….i submitt….. o.O any words used to describe in inadequate

anyways…very interesting blog….my Taylor Swift blog was inspired by your idea…thanks popo:)

2. Frank blog 1 ice cream truck

yes frank !!!!…ice c

ream trucks all the way! sitting in the blazing sun, sweat rolling down my side and my eyes squinted into a thin line to avoid the light..at that moment…all i can think of is the melody of the ice cream truck…my sweet..cool getaway.

everytime when i hear the jolly tune i would humm along…race down stairs and grab one of those delicious frozen treats…yes that right…thats the way to live summer.
it doesnt matter how old you are..its not just for kids….its ICE CRREAMMM…everyone loves ice cream!!!.

3. ellen blog 4 buffets


This is quite wonderful ellen. thou shalt come along and we shalt feast together….at a buffet no doubt..LOl..i tried…dont judge me…

buffet….you are quite right ellen. thats something is REALLY REaLLY appreciate. Affordable price to unlimited food! Who can walk away. i love buuffeeettssss…i go all the time. i love food, food is heaven…..buffets are warehouses of heavens..oh god.. just the mere though is making me drool…my mom can never serve that fast at home..lol.

i totally agree with your point…you sentence "No need to order, no need to decide, most of all, no need to wait." sum it all up..the best thing about a buffet. Right on!…and the best best part is like your saidf NO WAIT!!….it's a eat and go SPREE! man! i love buffets..

very agreeable blog

4. Tracy BLog 6 Sale at your favorite store

Wow! tracy…here somthing i really really appreciate but i never thought of to write a blog about!…i know i know is probably like a girl thing…but guys need to buy things too..so don't judge me >=(

anywayz…i completely agree with you. many time i have waled out of the store because i didn't have enough money to pay for what i wanted. or the items are simply just over priced. its nice when the stores are understanding and giving big discounts isn't it? like Bench yesterday…i always wanted their sweater but its like $100+.. and i waited and waited..finally i caught them at 30% off yesterday! i finally got my sweater…it was still $90 but 30% was quite generous of bench. Sales, sales, sales….everyone loves that one word….your favorite items for LESS money…everyone wants that. 10% off…30% off….50%PERCENT OFF……70%%%%% OFFFFFFFF……it just keeps getting better.

awsome awsome….awsome blog…right from the bottom of a teenager's heart.

5. Nemanja blog 4 laughter

i just found this blog..i wish i had founded it earlier. very very precise blog nemanja…laughter is something everyone should have and constently express. its the the common saying, "laughter is the best medicine." the phrase may seem unimportant and overused…but one of the paramount truth in life lies with in the words. laughter is one of the best gifts granted to man… a self curing medicine. laughter shows happiness….the entire dedication of the human life is the pursuit of happyness and satisfaction..when you can always laugh and put a smile on your face…you may conclude that you lived your life to the way you wanted to…its also a tool to measure yourself.

whichever difficult situation you may find your self in…sit back, relax and a little laughter and it will be all over…..that my attitude to go by..it has brought me to a personality of which nothing can make me angry or sad for long. i can safely say that my life is very happy.

very very good blog..this is the blog i can relate to the most because through the years i have taught myself to laught ALWAYS and i found it the best method to approach things.

thanks for the blog nemanja..you are a happy person…it was very nice of you to spread the kindness and love through this blog. i strongly encourage everyone to read this.

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