I can't even begin to tell you how utterly boring and laggy it feels to be lazy, So I won't lol. I'm going to speak of the thrill of hard work. Everyone knows that there is nothing better than hard work paying off but even just working hard can be rewarding equally. It's actually fact that at the very active portions of the day the body produces hormones which induce happy feelings and stress relief. That's why working out and playing sports is actually not only good for a healthy body and organs but also a healthy mind.

But wait theres more. Doing school work can also be rewarding. Sure it doesn't have the same physical perks as playing a sport but the mind reacts exactly the same. All those math equations seem like the lamest thing to do on earth?, Well they may upon first sight but the reality is that once you begin doing them your mind is getting it's own little workout and every second those happy stress relieving hormones are being put to good use and enhancing your quality of life.

So remember next time you don't wanna do math but instead listen to music to make you happy think again.

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