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the thing i love the most……
the thing i love the most in my life is FOOD! food is great. You can eat it any time. Even when u eat too much food you feel great… well i do. There are many different types of food. It's like it's never ending! people eat food when they're sad to cheer them up, people eat food when they're happy to celebrate, and people eat food just beacuse it tastes good. This may sound like i have a eating disorder but too bad food makes me happy:)
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What is better than dinner and a movie……..exactly nothing! first off, when you are watching a movie it is awesome. This is because you’re like in a different world… no need for conversation no need for “daddy can you help me?”…. you’re comfortable. And when you’re eating food it’s awesome….so add the two greatest things together and you are going to have the greatest night ever (p.s i’m not trying to rhyme i’m just talented). Think about it, if you bring that scenario to life it is almost like having one of the most beautiful math equations ever. So thank you to who ever came up with dinner and a movie!



before i start this i would like to point out this rarely happens…

After a long hard week of homework and basketball practices there is nothing better than when you get to reward yourself with a beautifull thing called sleeping in. sleeping in is perfect, especially when you wake up a 7am and realize you don't have school. You get to stay in your warm cozy blankets and watch your older brother who is in private school get ready to leave in a cranky mood. You just smile and go back to sleep… i can imagine it now…. getting my beauty sleep…… even though i dont really need any… But i think i would say the greatest thing about sleeping in is when you wake up and your mom is down stairs making your favourtie breakfast… cereal! by the way the reason i like sleeping in and having breakfast made for me in the morning so much…. it happens once a year in my house!


basketball is one of the most important things in my life right now. i love this sport with a passion! ….almost more then my brother…..jks jks. one of the greatest things about playing basketball is the last seconds of a game when you have two teams fighting for the win. It's the last period.. 1 minuite left in the game…. the other team's ball… everyone is tired and you have to rely on mind over matter. we put our hearts out there, give 100% and hopefully come out with a win… there is no better feeling then this. it was this feeling that made me love basketball. when i was 15 and i had to make a last second shot to win a game. i went for it and made the shot. a big chill went down my spine and i knew at that moment that playing basketball is the greatest thing in my life.


some would say that man's best friend is a dog. but i beg to differ. i think that man\s best friend is the old tube AKA the tv.
first off when you have a dog you have to be responsible….and every one knows us guys are very lazy! dogs may be fun to have around somtimes but what happens when they jump up on your bed when your sleeping and wake you up with a big slobery kiss…..or say you get up one morning from a hard working day and your first step off your bed is into a big pile off dog dukkey! but on the other hand watching tv…..before i even have to explain why its man's real best friend it already sounds better…. tvs are great all you have to do is sit back relax and get ready for a great show. somtimes when you dont even like a show you always have the choice of changeing the channel. now with a dog when you don't like the dog can you just change it?!?…..haha i rest my case.


msn is one of the grestes creations today. i love msn because it is a great way to keep in contact with old friends. and the new up grades of msn even have games, so you can basically be entertained for a long time…. you can do everything from talking to playing games. msn is even good for shy people that don't like to talk on the phone. it gives you time to think about your comment. especially if your trying to talk to a girl you have a crush on. If you try to tell her she could flip out…but with msn you can just say someone else typed it for you. On the other hand if she seems alright with it you can move on from there. but if you're on a phone you can't do these things plus you can't talk on a phone and play computer games at the same time so what is better msn or a phone?…………………..MSN!


there are very few things in life that can be a drag and one of the greatest things at the same time and i feel using the bathroom is one of them. the drag part is basically when you have to hold yourself back from going to the bathroom and unloading whatever it is you have to unload. but the greatest part is when you're holding in your pee for so long and you're about to burst!……but then you get into a free bathroom and let free!……it is one of the greastest feelings of relief. especially when you have to take a dump and your running to your bathroom but when you get there your stupid brother is in there taking his lovely time…..so when he finally comes out and you get your chance to shine…….well i figure everone else knows the rest.


a good line up is so important! to me its more important then a nice hair-do for a girl! the line up on your hair cut is important like the Eifel tower is to the French……. if your line up is lopsided, your hair cut is ugly. you need to have a good line up. when you have a great line up you just feel so good… you wake up in the morning and wash your face look at yourself in the mirror and just wonder, "who is the beautiful person looking back at you?" you can't have a new outfit and try and wear it and look nice if your line up is not striaght. you look like somone who can't take care of himself…..but back to the pros about a good line up….a good line up is just the perfect thing to go with your brand new outfit that you want to wear and show off. it's so great to have that you often walk past mirriors and stop and look at yourself…just to look at your line up. A perfect line up is the perfect thing to go with any hair cut.


A cold drink on a hot summer day. i would have to say this is better then a box on chocolate. having a cold drink really is the reason to run around on a crazy hot day. just for that amazing feeling of refreshment. it doesn't matter what drink it is, it could be dirt and water as long as it's cold it will work. When someone passes you a cold drink after you have run around in the hot sun, it makes your face light up with joy and exicitment as soon as it touches your lips! then when the water goes down your throat your whole body just feels like you just jumped into a cold pool with 1000 of your favourtie things and nothing will stop you from doing what you wanna do. you're basically reborn….. i think we call can call a cold drink on a hot summer day great.



finishing homework is a very great feeling. espically when you never have to see it again or think about doing it again. everyone hates doing homework… it's a drag just thinking about getting it out your school bag. i have to be pushed to do it by my mom!….and i hate when she does that. but the feeling after it's done is worth it. when you finish a great relief comes over you and you're so happy… especially when you hand it in on time… when i finish homework….which only happens on special occaions..haha… i'm so anxious to hand it in and get my mark, which i hope will be great. But somtimes you hand it in and you get a bad mark… you're kind of upset, but when you think about it you're never going to have to do that work again and go through the crazy screaming mother that wants you to do your homework! so just do your homework and avoid the crazy screaming one!

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