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I tootttaalllyyy agree with feruth!!! Toronto is supposed to be one of the best and liveliest cities out there…..then why are we soooooo boring!? We neeed to bring more colour into our city. If a professional place needs to be grey or brown…..then professionalism is pretttyyyy boring. Its like sucking the life out of the beautiful colours that are just waiting to be used and explored and painted on to buildings. And the whole coloured food thing…im sure its been done…like when there was that craaze for purple hot dog buns. We can do it again….we should make it a school event….now that would be pretty fun.

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me and my family would also go to watch fire works on july first…ive never lit one before…but i would really like to. and yea i find fire works beautiful tooo.i wonder who might have created them. they're just soooo amazing. they make any kind of occasion so much more special and exciting. i especiallly lovvvvee the gigantic ones that look like water fountains…but hte cool ones are the ones that turn into greetings or picutres. id have to say, the person who created or discovered fireworks was a total genious.

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agreeeedd…i totally hate it when i pick a glass out of the cubbord thinking thats its clean and then when i pour something in it or i start drinking out of it….i realize that theres a stain…or a bit of something in the glass. especially when its the last bit of ur favorite juice or soda!

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mascara mascara mascara!!! yes its amazing…who wouldnt love it…it just gives sooooo much more ooommpppff to ur eyes. people who have really light eyelashes i know are addicted to mascara…and why not…it just enhances the boldness of ur eyes and makes them super duper prettyyfull.

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yess i too loveee looking through old pictures. they jus tbring back soo many someitmes..i look back at my photos from grade 8 and stuff…and i see how much me and my friends have all changed. i also get to how much things have changed and sometimes some of the people in the photo dont really exist in ur life any more…or they're jsut not as important…and others u see have become some of the most important people in your lives. so yea i also have a photo frenzy.

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