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When were feeling down, we generally look for something that comforts us or consoles us in some sort of way. When we’re in high spirits we look for something we can share our excitement with. Some of us have a stuffed animal…while others have “that special someone” . But some of us….the few of us that are lucky, have our friends.
Yooouuu know….friends. The people who you share the biggest laughs with, the people who you share the most memorable moments with, even some of your most profound moments. Their the ones that are always by your side through thick and thin. You’re inseparable. You’re strong. You can over come almost ever obstacle out there.
Its pretty amazing…one minute you’re just two random people who don’t know each other, don’t “seem” like your personalities would ever click….and the next minute…its like you’ve known them, or they’ve known you, your entiiiree life!
Id have to say…a person without friends is definitely at loss. And sometimes what’s real sad is that the so called “friends” you think are your friends, really aren’t your friends. The best feeling is to know that people care about you because of who you are, and not where you come from, where you go, what you own, and some of the things you do. Friends are the kind of people who when finding a fault in you, are not afraid to come tell you. The people who claim to be your friends and yet cant come up to you and tell you the truth are just in my opinion cowards and not your true friends. And sometimes, they’re unfortunately us. Sometimes we’re the ones who go behind our “so called” friends’ back and say something we shouldn’t. in that way, we’re unfortunately the biggest hypocrites. *sigh* (yes I know….but I just had to put it out there)
You know…I wonder, how do two totally polar opposite people get along? Well I guess it might be because opposites attract or something. Still, I’m not quite sure…but what ever it is…it sure fills emptiness and loneliness and in return brings ample amounts of happiness.
Now that’s the true beauty of friendship. The fact that you have so little, yet so much in common.

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together“- Woodrow Wilson


Its like the beeesssttt feeling in the world!…hot weather, beaches, cottages, camps, no school, no layers of clothing, no boots, no hat, no mitts/gloves….no nothing! Just breezy clothing…you know why??? SUMMER!…yea that’s right! SUMMER! And its almost here. Exams are coming soon and then its all over!….its time to chill with friends, relax and take in the summer air…and TIME TO PARTAY! No more curfew, no more hw, projects, tests, assignments….no nothinngg!
This is basically what evvveeryy kid out there looks forward to…two months of noo school and relaxation. Ahhh yess I can just taste the lemonade.
You know? Theres a lot one gets out of summer. I guess this might be a bit biased seeing as its my favourite season of the year….and of course it most defiantly is a whole bunch of other peoples favourite season. But see, I’m more like that tropical kinda girl. I hate the cold, cant stand it sometimes. Sure the first day that the snow falls is kinda exciting cuz you get to make snow men (not that I do any more….im just wayyy too old for that), and snow angels (not that I do anymore….im just wayyy too old for that), and forts and castles (once again…way to old for it). But other than that, walking to school in snow up till your knees, having to cross the disgusting slushy street, facing the cold, feeling your eyelashes frost up cuz you’re tearing due to the cold, your hands turning all dry and flaky because there’s no humidity, not being able to chill outside because of the unbearable cold. All that is what I hate about winter. Ohh and don’t forget the oodles and oodles of layers you have to wear…utterly annoying.
Man I just cannnt wait… ultimate fun in the sun!!!
(oh and I might have been lying in the above bracketed text J )


So its supperr duper hot outside…you want something that wont spill and isn’t messy, something that’ll cool you down, something that’s easy to go….hhmmmm what on earth includes all of these characteristics???…wait, I know! FREAZIES! Yes yummy yummy freazies! And no im not advertising freazies here. I’m merely just expressing how I feel…about freazies that is. And so yes…I love freazies. Like they’re in all diff flavours and the jumbo freazies are the best.
They’re practically amazing for any occasion. Birthdays, picnics, a mid day snack, sports events etc. of course they’re not gourmet or anything like that…but they are easy to serve. If I had it my way, I think id serve freazies even on formal occasions and events. Yes you can probably see by now that freazies are absolutely one of my favourite summer treats. And why not? They’re just soo good! No im not obsessive over them…I just really really REALLY like them. Seriously, sometimes when you’re just not looking forward to having something that you constantly have to manage from dripping…what better thing is out there than freazies.
If you really think about it…what would parents rather have their kids eating?….messy ice cream, or easy to handle freazies? Im sure the answer is pretttttyyy darn clear right there.
Who ever even invented freazies was a total genius! They filled the emptiness within every kids heart!
Its like, just the feeling of flavoured ice rush down that hot, quenched throat. Id have to say, freazies definitely without a doubt complete my summer. Hhmm all this talk of freazies is actually making me crave some right now….


Just imagine a world without any colour. How boring would that be? Im pretty sure we can all agree that it would be quite unexciting. Many of us don’t stop to contemplate or even realize what an amazing part of our lives colours are. We seem to ignore the fact that colours express us In every way, and they also help us out in many ways aswell.
Just think, what if you had to describe something you saw to a friend and while explaining it, you had to remember every single itty bitty detail about how they look rather than just saying that their hair is this colour, and their shirt are pants are these colours. Even traffic lights…I wonder what traffic lights would be like if there was no such thing as colours.
The different shades, pigments, tones and tints. It just brings so much more beauty into the world. Like how blue the ocean is, or how green the grass is. It gives nature a reason to be beautiful. How dull would a rainbow look if there were no colours? How ungraceful would a butterfly look if there were no colours? How less delicate would a rose or any kind of flower look if there were no colours? How less magnificent would a forest look if there were no colours.
Colours even have a sense of representing emotions. Such as the way we turn pink or red when we start to blush. Even in cartoon characters we see that green represents sickness or envy. Colours represent sadness and happiness, day and night, winter and summer, cold and warm and many other things.
Colours are just sooo meaningful in life. We even see the difference between black and white movies and modern day movies. Man I really wonder how Mickey Mouse lived with it back in the day.


So im pretty sure this is one of theee most contagious things in the world…but its definitely something that makes a person feel amazing. Its something that encourages you, cheers you up, its constantly happening in times of excitement, or satisfaction. You must be wondering….what kind of contagious disease could be sooo amazing. Well it’s a smile of course!
It just brightens everyone’s day. There’s not one person who gets smiled at, and does not smile back. Its just something that’s sooooo contagious, its like an epidemic or something!
But at the same time it can be prettyyy disturbing. Especially when its on like a freaky clown or … ooorrr even a little china doll that seeks to do nothing but kill you and steal your finger because it just lost one of its own :P lol yea yea I know…my imagination runs a but too fast to catch up to. But anyways so you notice when some random person smiles at you on the street and then you carry that smile on and you smile at someone else and they just look at u like you’re some kind of freak or something. Now that’s when smiling gets a bit embarrassing.
The worst moment to smile is when ur getting in trouble (obviously!!!)…and what sucks is that you cant control it sometimes. No matter how hard you try…its like you just made things worse….but sometimes it helps break the tension….sometimes.
But yea overall I think smiling is one of my most favourite things to do…because it just shows happiness and a moment wasted frowning is a time wasted not being happy.


So the screeching on the chalk board, the loud munching, the talking while your mouth is full, the cracking of knuckles, the constant pen clicking, foot tapping, slurping etc. I hope some of you have already figured out what most of these have in common. It’s the fact that they’re all annoying pet peeves.
I’m pretty sure everyone has their own pet peeve. But how does a pet peeve become a pet peeve. Like who chooses that this particular thing is going to be super duper gross and unbearable. What brainwashes us to think that? What is it that triggers us to say “eeeewww!” or “omg please nooooooo!”
Is it that in some sort of way it’s already planted into your head or something…or is it that you get influence by another person who has that pet peeve hence making you have that pet peeve too…but wait that doesn’t make sense…then where does that other person get their pet peeve from. Its soo weird.
Could you imagine if people didn think that chewing with your mouth open was gross? What if chewing with your mouth closed was the gross thing? What is it in us that tells us that this is a disgusting habit?
The reaction that we get from pet peeves are pretty hilarious to watch though. Like when we twitch, or close our eyes really really tight thinking that it’ll just stop and go away. Or the way we run away screaming because it’s a subconscious nightmare for us.
One day I shall find out what the cause of our reactions to pet peeves are…and on that day I shall let u know annnndd MAKE MILLION MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It keeps going on and on and on….it never seems to stop when we want it to the most. We can never restart it or get it to go back to the beginning. Time. Yes time is what so many of us tend to waste without realizing. Time is undoubtedly the most precious thing in life, because without it, how would we know when to do what and how fast.
You know, sometimes ppl say that “oh I have enough time to do that…let me just relax for a bit or do this or that and then ill do it”. But sometimes that’s not the case. You never know whats gonna happen. Something that’s completely life altering can just take place and the next thing you now you didn’t get a chance to do what u intended to do in the first place.
Procrastination is just something that a majority of us cannot avoid. We procrastinate with our school work (of course), we procrastinate with telling someone something, or sometimes we even procrastinate with something that is soooooo intensely important for us to do that at the end we don’t even get a chance to do it.
Sometimes when we’re just sitting around not doing anything we don’t come to realize that at a time where we could actually be doing something important, we’re wasting our lives, we’re wasting something we only get one chance in.
Time is just something that can never be granted back no matter what. So basically time wasted is life wasted and life that is wasted can never be retrieved. So time isn’t something that our life is full of….its actually something that our life is lacking and is in need for more.


Everyone has a different emotion when starting something new. Either is super duper anxiousness or nervousness, never ending excitement, not caring, daring to do what ever and taking everything as it comes etc.
For me, high school was a definitely complleettteee change. For one thing, going to a school that takes and hour for me to get to and come home from. The step from a junior high school to a high school. A place where there are a bunch more students and teachers. It was a sign that indicated time for late nights, assignments, tests etc. more freedom from my parents and then treating me like an older individual. The friends that I made through clubs and sports teams, and connections and stuff were also pretty great.
There are sooo many stereo types out there for high school. But I was totally excited. I was thrilled and couldnt wait to meet all the different kind of people…good or bad. I couldn’t wait to get lost in the hall ways on my first couple of days. Seeing as hardly anyone in the school would know me, I couldn’t wait to have a completely new and fresh start. I could be anyone I wanted to be. Id have the ability to stay exactly the same or to totally change and tick off my best friend. But see sometimes people do tend to change after going into hgihschool. Some of the time, that change isn’t the gretest. Lol im pretty sure u know what I picked. Most of all, I definitely could not wait to have the neww experience.


They never get old…from them moment we’re toddlers till we’re full grown adults. They bring out the kid in all of us. From Disney shows and movies, to blues clues, the bugs bunny and tweedy show, banana’s in pyjama’s, polka dot shorts, and sponge bob square pants. Cartoons are apart of our lives from beginning till end.
Yes I know as we grow older we’re more and more into reality tv. Shows and stuff…but our loooovvvveeee for cartoons never dies. Im sure a lot of people can admit that when they’re with a younger sibling or cousins or just some one that they’re baby sitting, they cant help but to watch their cartoons with them.
I know of some people whose way to relax is by watching cartoons because they’re too stressed out and don’t wanna watch anything that has to do with reality. In reality we don’t seem to have taking cats and tweedy birds, coyote’s that have access to ammunitions, animals that fall off of buildings seem to still be alive even after they’ve tumbled down something that seems like the grand canyon. And so yea I guess it is a good way to just relax and have a laugh.
In a way, the cartoons that kids watch kinda influence them. I remember when my little brother used to watch blues clues. He seemed to really like finding things for my mom :P. Buuttt when he started watching stuff like power rangers or transformers, I would always seem to be the bad guy and some how hed always be the one to tackle me down and get me to surrender. And as soon as he started watching sponge bob square pants, he was the most hyper and crazy little thing out there.
So yea at the end of the day….cartoons are apart of everyone… matter how much we don’t want it to be.


Shopping shopping shoppppiinnggg. Who doesn’t love it. Whether its shopping for yourself or for others. Its never a dull moment.
of course its fun buying gifts for your friends and family members …..but we all know that its always more fun when your shopping for just yourself. The funny thing is….even if we go shopping for other people….we somehow come back from the mall with something for ourselves as well. And other times we see that we only come back with something for our self and don’t even buy what we needed to buy in the first place.
Shopping in my opinion is also a way of bonding. Like when you have mother, daughter shopping sprees, or when ur out at the mall with ur friends or another person. You generally get to spend time with each other anddd you get to see what their taste in clothes are. That way….buying gifts is nooo big deal when you really know the persons choice. Shopping for a person you know nothing about or rather don’t now anything about their style is hard. And that’s why shopping with them is the best thing to do.
This sounds really stupidish buuuttt shopping can also be used to cheer some people up. There are people that just feel better about a situation when they buy something super nice. I knew a girl who after breakin up with their boy, she went straight to the mall and bought a pair of $50 shoes. Only because she felt like it and she said that it would make her feel better.
There are of course some people out there who just hate to shop and hardly go to the mall unless they really need something. Those people just walk into the mall and out. Its kind of like a stereotype between males and females. A girl will shop around for the best bargain and walk into several stores and see what they all have to offer, then shell try the clothes on and sometimes try them on numerous times. While guys just find something they like, try it on for a quick sec, pay and go.
Lol yes this sounds weeiirrdd but I guess you can tell they way a person is by the way they shop lol :P

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