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Hello Everyone!This is my blog.

Blog 1: Ice Cream Trunk

Are you a fan of ice cream? If yes, then read on…

The one thing that I absolutely cannot resist from smiling is when each time i heard the wonderful sound of the ice cream trunk coming! It would make my day instantly. An euophoric feeling would reach to my brain immediatly, causing me to jump and shout excitedly, and running after the trunk like a maniac. Surprisingly, i would spot other maniacs shouting and screaming from all around me and i would suddenly sense a sign of danger, so i usually sprint as fast as my legs would allow. All of a sudden, it became a race of who would get the buying priority. In the end, all of us would be exhausted and sweat would dripping down from our face like a waterfall. Meanwhile, a glance of the ice cream trunk would all be worthwhile, not to mention the delicious ice cream awaiting!



Blog 2: The Last Merchandise

Imagine when you are shopping for something that you really really want and after a tiresome search for it, you finally spotted at a corner and you found out there was the last one on the shelf, gazing cheerfully at you. You roared triumphantly and grabbed it. you could even see your own smugness on your face at the time. you feel refreshed, you feel new, you feel…AWESOME. (that was exactly how i felt) Also, you just got something to brag to your friends about. Of course there's this one last step to do, let is to check if the package is untact or not. if it's not, then laugh out loud all you want!



Blog 3: Fake Antique

This happened to me a lot of times.

You know the time when you are wondering around the street and doing nothing at all in a dark night. Suddenly, you nearly got tricked over by a stone, you angrily straightened up and was cussing at your bad luck and was about to kick the stone, then you noticed the stone does not look like an ordinary stone, you got a little excited and carefully pick up the stone, you examined it meticulously and you reached to a conclusion: This is an antique! or maybe a fossil of some ancient animal! You pocketed it and jubilantly went home. The next day, you wake up and you found out the rock is no antique at all, just a simple rock with possibly dog dung! You realized your eyes played a trick with you because it was dark at that time and you laughed out loud at your naivete.


Blog 4: Daydreaming

There's nothing more wonderful than just sit idly and daydreaming, agree? Imagine you were listening to a boring conversation or a boring lecture in class, you began daydreaming involuntarily and unconsciously. you started to dream the things you always wanted to buy, the food you always wanted to try out, the glorious moment when you finally acheived your goal or maybe the girl/boy that you had a crash on. You sank into your own little world of imagination where there was no restriction or rules, you can dream everything you want and feel the pleasure running through your veins. And the most fun part of all, it was when someone break your reverie and brought you back to the reality, you woke up from your stupor and realized it was just a dream, and a daydream.



Blog 5: Shoes

When I spotted an absolutely cool sportshoes, i cannot resist the impulse of buying it. But often times i know better. However that doesn't mean that deprieved me of the right to try it on. The more shoes the better! I cannot quite possibly describe the feeling in words after i wore those fantastic shoes, it is something like pleasure. Also, the salesperson's good attitude and excellent service can along make your day. The salesperson is eager to make you happy, so you would buy their products, but you, unlike other normal customers, just wants to feel what it feels like when you wore those shoes, afterall, it's pretty much almost the same as actually buying it , the only difference is the latter you wear it everyday compare to a few minutes. But those few minutes are enough to make your day!



Blog 6: Sweat

Nothing is more pleasant than the feel of perspiration! i am sure you had all went througth the experience of sweat like a waterfall after you played a hard and intense game or finished exercising. You may feel exhausted at first, but after a few minutes, you feel that you are totally refreshed and has infinite energy to waste! You then resume back to your activity and craving for more! Reseach shows that sweating is the body's natural way of coolin down your entire body, regulating your body temperature. Sweating is also a way to get toxins out of your body. Without sweating, we would overheat more easily leading to heatstroke, fatigue, and exhaustion. All to all, sweat is awsome!



Blog 7: When the Music Matches Your Mood

I like to listen to music whenever and wherever. It is sort of a habit, but when the song that you listen matches your mood coincidentally, then you suddenly feel connected to that song. Your mood becomes better, you would often sing along and suddenly like and feel strongly toward this song. For instance, if you miss someone and you happen to listen a song named "I miss you", the lyrics and melody match perfectly to your mood, then your heart seems to sing along with that song and the sensation is just plain great!



Blog 8: Nap

One of my favourite things to do is to take a nap. Personally, i don't consider taking a nap is a waste of time, rather i think it is the best thing to do! Because by taking a nap, you can restore your lost energy and wipe out all exhaustion and fatigue. A nap don't need to be very long, 30 minutes to 2 hours would suffice. But the effect of the little time spent on the nap can be overwhelmingly amazing and effective! You feel refreshed and energetic after you wake up. You can then approach tasks with more enthusiasm and pizzazz, thus be more efficent and productive!



Blog 9: Writing Diary

If you ask me what I do in my pastime, I would tell you categorically, "Write diary!". Yes you heard me right. I like to record and write things down, it help me think and reflect and simply i believe it is fun. Everyday is a new day and is different from yesterday, so i love to write down any events, experiences and observations that i had. By writing things down, you reinforce it again, all the good memories and experiences that you had on that day. And it would often make me smile broadly. Not to mention by keeping a diary everyday, you practise your writing skills day by day! So if you are like me who love to write journals, keep enjoying it! If not, then embrace this habit immediately!



Blog 10: Staying Up Late Just For The Sake of it

Ever stayed up late just for the sake of it? I bet all of us did! You have to admit, it is fairly exciting and breath-taking, it may not be good to your health, but try it out occasionally won't do much harm =D The one time i did this is because i drank too much coffee that day, so i decided to stay up late, it was a good feeling as long as you have something to occupy your time with, or else, you would be bored to sleep. Doing things that you are not suppose to do is always a huge pleasure to me. In this case, I could hear my heart thumping vehemently. Also, the night sky is truly spectacular, the stars and the moon are just too beautiful to miss.


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